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  • The traffic monitor allows you to compare current views, clicks and conversions in real time to a previous period.

  • The upcoming rules widget informs you what commission rules will be applied in the coming days or weeks. This will help you decide for what advertiser conversions need to be confirmed.

  • The mail monitor provides you information on the activity of your email services: the time and date of the last email transmission, the user responsible and a report on the success of the transmission.

  • The status monitor displays the number of conversions or the amount commission for the current and the previous month per advertiser, ordered by status (open, approved, confirmed or rejected).

  • The ad space categorization widget offers you an overview of all the ad space categories on your platform, along with the number of ad spaces that have been allocated to them. You can also use it to keep track of ad spaces that have not been allocated yet.

  • The product data feed monitor gives you an overview of all the product data feeds implemented on your platform. It shows you for what advertiser they are used, the status, the time and date of the last update and the status of the update.


On this page, you can select the widgets for the dashboard you are creating. Please note that the availability of widgets depends on your role as a user: you might find that not all the widgets mentioned above are available for you.