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The amc parameter is the ad media code, used to identify traffic. It has the following format:


A concrete example looks like this:


It contains the following codes:

  • The dis code indicates the tracking channel. In this case, it is the display channel. Other examples of channels are retargeting, ad networks or organic search.

  • The platform code indicates the platform to which the ad media item belongs.

  • The first numerical code identifies you as a partner of the platform. You will find that this code corresponds with the code you can find in your partner account.

  • The second numerical code identifies the ad space for which you can use this ad impression URL.

  • The third numerical code identifies the creatives item to which the URL belongs.


Code Block


Code Block


  • If the platform has enabled the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCFv2.0) and you also activated TCFv2.0 for the ad space like described here, the URL will contain following TCFv2.0 macros:

    Code Block
    gdpr=${GDPR} and gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXXX}

    You must populate t data received from your Consent Management Platform (CMP). For more information about TCFv2.0 click here.


Now that you are able to find your advertiser programs and ad media, let’s have a look at the reporting section.