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A payment entry can be created when you have made conversions for which commission is granted. As explained above, these conversions need to be confirmed by the person managing the advertiser program. To allow payment entries to be created, you also need to register your banking details. In some cases, the platform owner will define a so called payout limit. This means a payment entry will not be created until you have generated a certain amount of confirmed commission, for example 25 or 50 EUR or the equivalent of that amount in a different currency. Please note that you can also register a payout limit yourself, in the basic details section of the UI.


When a payment entry is created by the person managing the platform, you will be notified via email. You will find the payment entry recorded in your partner UI – read the chapter below for comprehensive instructions on where to find them. Like the conversions, the payment entry in your partner UI has a status. This status is either confirmed or paid. If your payment entry status is confirmed it means the person managing the platform has approved all the data included in the payment entry. If your payment entry is paid, which means the payment entry has been forwarded to the finance department of the entity and the gross amount is transferred to the bank account you registered.