Do I need tracking categories?

In order to track conversions, you need at least one tracking category called default. And if you are working with basket tracking, you also need a tracking category called basket. However, you can do much more with tracking categories. Tracking categories allow you to adjust the tracking and the rating to the different sales funnels and margins of your advertiser's products. A computer, for example, will have a very different sales funnel than a network cable -- and your advertiser will also make less money with it. Therefore, you might want to make sure the computers and the network cable are in separate tracking categories. This allows you to make sure computer sales are attributed for a longer period than network cable sales. It also gives you the opportunity to adjust the commission you give to the different margins. On top of that, you can differentiate between the different categories in your reporting.

Tracking category 'default' will be used implicitely when none or unknown tracking category is specified on conversion requests (it will not be used when the specified tracking category is inactive).

Getting started

In the user interface, go to Trail -> Settings -> Tracking categories in the main menu.

Creating tracking categories

On the page appearing now, you can see a list of all the existing tracking categories for the advertiser you selected. To create a new one, click on the button create new tracking category in the right top of the page. On the page appearing now, you can fill in all the properties of your new tracking category.

Following steps are due:

Please note that all settings regarding the tracking modalities are now located in the attribution manager. For setting the attribution window (cookie expiration), post view tracking as well as more sophisticated settings regarding prioritisation please read the article on the attribution manager.

After completing the tracking category properties, don’t forget to click on save in the lower right corner of the page. Please note that if you add a tracking category to an existing set of tracking categories, you will have to edit the tracking tag on the confirmation page of the advertiser as well.