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Conversion Export/Import

This feature is going to be replaced by Conversion Requests. You can now create and update Conversions with a new file format. Read more about this format in this article.

Please note, that there is also a new Export in Conversion Overview available. This export is compatible with Conversion Requests. That means you don’t need to use the Export in Conversion Export/Import any longer.


Discount rating in Commission Model

The usage of a submitted Discount Value (dsv) does not need to be controlled by an additional flag. We will remove this flag from the Commission model. All submitted Discount Value (dsv) will be applied to the Commission and Fee calculation.


Discounted Order Value (discOrdValue)

This parameter is going to be removed from the Conversion Tag. The idea of having an additional parameter parallel to Discount Value (dsv) was misleading.


In the past, we have built a data warehouse (ingenious-169318). Due to continuous improvements, we will replace the old DWH with a new variant based on a modern and flexible technology (i19s-insights). Please migrate your dependencies to the new DWH. Please use the migration path provided and contact support or the Insights team if you have any problems.


Legacy Ad-Media Management

The legacy Ad-Media Management is deprecated in favour to the new Creatives Manager and Creatives Explorer.

Some Admedia-Types are not yet supported in the new Creatives system. For these types we will continue supporting them in the legacy system:

  • HTML Ad-Media (with Link-Replacement logic)

  • Adjust Ad-Media

All other types (remote/hosted images, text, …) will not be shown or be editable in the Ad-Media Manager.


The Masterdata API and the Registration API have been deprecated.

Currently we do not have replacements for all endpoints in those APIs.

The mentioned APIs will be kept available until we have replacements for all endpoints, and a migration plan.


/v2 prefix in masterdata API calls

The /v2 Prefix in masterdata API calls is not available anymore. Please use the non-prefixed url. For example:



Partner ui program list

The Programs menu point in the Partner UI will be deleted in favour of the new Advertiser Explorer. Please switch to the new feature by the 1st of march 2021. If you don’t do it yourself it will be switched over automatically by this date.