The platform allows to measure traffic that goes to your mobile apps and further on to measure and remunerate events like installs or in app sales. This happens with the help of adjust, an SDK that you can integrate in you mobile app: Adjust then can transmit events and conversions to your Advertiser within the Ingenious Enterprise platform.

Before you start

Requirement is a working implementation of adjust in your mobile app.

As first step, think about the data structure of the data you want to measure. To define events, these two elements are needed:

  • Conversion targets, that define a tracking event, for example “install,” “inappsale” or “sale”

  • Tracking categories, that define commercial categories. Often the tracking category “default” is sufficient

Set up of the adjust technology partner in the Ingenious System

To make sure, conversions and events can be transmitted properly, you need to take the following steps:

  1. go in the menu to “Manage Advertisers”, then select your advertiser and click on the “create auto integrated partner” icon.

  2. look for the adjust technology partner and click on the button “add”

  3. select the SDKs you have implemented with Adjust (for example iOS or Android) and fill out the tracker token (6 characters) for each of them

  4. optional: Configure the adjust reporting parameter values, that are transmitted by Ingenious Technologies to adjust with every click.

Create adjust ad media

Then you can create ad media, that your partners can use to drive traffic to your mobile app. Take the following steps:

  1. go to Manage Advertisers, select your advertiser and click on the icon “ad media management”

  2. navigate to the desired ad media kit

  3. click on the icon “adjust” to create a new Adjust ad media


Provide all required information:

  1. Title of the ad media

  2. ad media type

  3. for text links: the text for the link

  4. for banners: The image URL, banner size (detected automatically), alt tag and an optional description

  5. the link target

  6. In-app landing page (optional, if left empty, it will redirect the user to the app store)

  7. Fallback URL, in case no mobile app is installed (optional, if left empty, it will redirect the user to the app store)

  8. ad media kit

  9. status


Configuration on Adjust side

Before the in app conversion tracking works, the configuration on adjust side needs to be completed. You can find the steps and instructions here.

Which data is transmitted to the Ingenious System also is configured in the adjust system.