Creating a Transaction Type

Before you can start with Transactions, at least one Transaction Type needs to be added to you platform. A transaction type is determining the money flow between two parties.

How to create a new Transaction Type?

Have a click into the title navigation and locate the “Create Transaction Type” menu point.

A new page is shown, containing the form to create a new Transaction Type. The form is consisting of the following sections:

General information

Any transaction has a unique name as well as a specific pricing unit type. The name will be used for creating new Transactions as well as in any filter or exports.

Sender and Receiver

Here you need to define the type of sender and receiver. Based on this information, you will need to choose an Advertiser, Partner or Entity for sender and receiver.

You can also configure whether the money will be send from the credit account or independent from any other performances by own invoices. Especially for Setup and Maintenance fees, you might want to avoid consuming money from the credit.

Additional Fields

You can add you own fields to be filled fo any transaction of this type.