13.02.20 – All Tracking Links are HTTPS

The secure transmission of data over the network is an important concern, especially when it comes to tracking data. From the beginning, Ingenious supported secure tracking over HTTPS.

In the past, the link generation in your platform could decide dynamically if it generates a tracking link with HTTP or HTTPS depending on the setup of the respective Advertiser. This dynamic decision ensured compatibility between the tracking technology and the shop of the Advertiser in cases in which the Advertiser was not able track over HTTPS.

Today the situation is different. For some time past, all of our Advertisers can track over HTTPS.  Therefore, we have recently switched all tracking links in your platform to HTTPS per default. Tracking links in all modules, including Ad Media, Product Data Feed, or the Deeplink Generator are subject to this change.

For most of you there is no visible change with this release, because most of you already had the most recent Advertiser setup with HTTPS in place.

Making this change is part of our commitment to enhancing your tracking quality.

New Click Tracking Parameter “typ”

We added a new tracking parameter to your click tracking links, which is called typ. It is located in the query string of the link URL.

Your platform will automatically append the new parameter to specific tracking links. For example, a place where this new parameter appears is the click tracking link of Ad Media. 

We internally use this parameter for tracking analyses. For you, there is no need to set or modify this parameter, as your platform will append it automatically.

Bug fix in HTML Ad media

When creating HTML Ad media, the platform allows converting links in your custom HTML into tracking links. Previously, the platform falsely identified some elements of your HTML as links. This is fixed now.