ℹ️ Release Notes


August 24, 2022

FIxed Product data Export: XML feeds with special string

Downloads no longer fail for XML feeds containing the string “]]>”.


August 10, 2022

FIXED Conversion Webhooks

Several fixes for Conversion Webhooks and full support for new basket parameter discount value (dsv) and stock keeping unit (sku)

July 21, 2022

FIxed Product data Export: Download does not break without requested columns

We broke product downloads when no columns were requested, now it's fixed.

FIxed Product data Export: Keep the order of requested columns

When downloading product data feeds, the order of the columns is back to the requested order.

IMPROVED Product data Import: Raising the read timeout values to support slow servers

As the feeds get bigger, some servers need more time to serve the file. We increased the read timeout to support slower servers.

IMPROVED Product data Import: Content type “octet-stream” allowed


July 15, 2022

NEW FEATURE Transmitting an Ingenious ID (ICLID) on ad impressions

In some cases it can be useful to transmit an Ingenious ID with ad impression redirects. You can provide an ad impression ID on conversions the same way as the click one. The background system will automatically add the corresponding ad impression touchpoint to the user journey and process it according to the attribution rules.

Read more about Ingenious ICLID

July 08, 2022

IMPROVED Separate partner/advertiser statisics rights
You can give your users the right to see partner statistics without the need to also give them the right to “manage partners” which was needed previously.

June 29, 2022

NEW FEATURE Conversion Webhooks: Free parameters + Google Click Id (gclid)

Supported by our new unified Conversion model, we are able to introduce a new generic placeholder WINNER_FREE_PARAM_{name} as well as {GCLID} for Touchpoint data. That allows access to the free parameters, submitted by partner.

NEW FEATURE Conversion Webhooks Manager: Target configuration page

The target configuration page for Conversion Webhooks will be improved in order to support new parameters. The placeholder panel allows to pick some and drag & drop to the target url.

June 29, 2022

NEW FEATURE Conversions timestamp: back to the past!

When capturing conversions, we allow them to be given a manual tracking time. The parameter for this is called requestTimestamp [rst] and causes a conversion to be placed in the past.

Read more about tracking tag parameter

June 7, 2022

IMPROVED Product data feeds: Preview mode for Partners

When adding the parameter preview=true to your request, you will now receive a file vastly reduced in size. All requests send with preview=true will not count towards any rate-limits that may normally apply.

IMPROVED Error behaviour

In case you are requesting a column that doesn’t exist in the feed, we are now returning an error message. Previously, you would receive the feed with the column added, and the values set to N/A. This led to many Partners not realizing that their feed no longer contained the data they were originally requesting.

You now need to handle the error yourself as a reaction to Advertisers changing the columns in their feeds.


April 13, 2022

IMPROVED Conversion Requests: Changing of status and automatic confirmation

The export file for Conversion Requests does now contain the automatic confirmation time.
And we were able to remove the restriction of conversion based updates (status, target, category, etc.) for e-commerce conversions. In the past, it was not possible to do this if you submit multiple positions

March 18, 2022

NEW FEATURE Conversion Overview: Filter

Our new predefined filter settings allows you to restrict Conversions by certain criteria's. Select your eCommerce conversions, coming from a new customer with a voucher applied. Or you can find all Conversions with multiple Touchpoints attributed and no commissioning…

IMPROVED Billing Oerview: Reversals

Reversal documents will be shown as a separate entry on the billing overview page. The original document as well as the reversal one are connected each other.

March 17, 2022

IMPROVED Product data feeds: Mapping support for large feeds and improved mapping speed

Previously, mapping large feeds required patience. We optimized this process so that all feeds can be mapped quickly. We now load just as much data as is required for the mapping.

IMPROVED Product data feed downloads: Stability improvements

Product data downloads often ended in errors. We addressed this issue so that the download availability should be much more consistent.

NEW FEATURE Product data API

February 21, 2022

IMPROVED Platform settings: grouping and clean up

The configuration page of your platform settings has been changed. We did a clean-up of the page and a grouping by product.

Platform → Settings

Platform admins have now access to formerly hidden options e. g. the white-labeling and finance section.

Formerly hidden options are now available

February 11, 2022

IMPROVED Conversion Export: Missing columns added

We have added missing columns to the conversion export. The conversion referrer information as well as auto approval time are now available columns.

February 10, 2022

IMPROVED Speed up for Exports

Because of work on backend processing, we were able to increase the speed for any export via the user interface

January 26, 2022

IMPROVED Conversion error handling

We have improved the internal financial processing for Conversions. Due this changes, the page for Conversion Errors became redundant.

Removed: Finance → Conversion → Conversion errors
  • Relationship-Errors
    Those errors, caused by disabled partner, adspace or partnerships, will occur on Tracking side instead of asynchronously in Finance

  • Duplicated Conversion Errors
    The system does now allow recurring combinations of conversionIds outside of the Tracking attribution window. Conflicts will also occur on Tracking side

Imroved Discount rating in Commission Model

The usage of a submitted Discount Value (dsv) does not need to be controlled by an additional flag. We will remove this flag from the Commission model. All submitted Discount Value (dsv) will be applied to the Commission and Fee calculation.

January 24, 2022

Imroved Conversion Export/Import: Speed up
We have improved the internal processing for exporting and importing for validations in Finance. You will now see exports immediately once the export has finished. Imports will be processed faster and finished with less latencies.


January 19, 2022

IMPROVED Improved UI speed
Did you realised that menu and pages are faster now?
We were able to improve the loading behaviour

IMPROVED Default API keys
Any platform user has now an API Key by default.


  • fix login problems

  • We fixed a bug where you could no longer change your profile data.

FIXED Transactions

  • We have fixed a bug that prevented our customers from creating a transaction.

January 7, 2022

Removed Parameters removed

  • Discounted Order Value (ovd)

    This parameter is going to be removed from the Conversion Tag. The idea of having an additional parameter parallel to Discount Value (dsv) was misleading.


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