How do I accept a partner for my platform?

Getting started

If you haven’t already done so, login to your admin UI, click on ‘partner’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘admit new partners’. On the page appearing now, you see a list with all the potential partners waiting to be approved for your platform, including their basic details, email and time and date of their application.

By default, only potential partners who have already confirmed their email address will be displayed. If you want to display partners who did not confirm their email address yet, change the setting above the list. You can also choose to display rejected partners.

Review page


In the overview list mentioned above, you will see the language of the partner new partner, the country, title, company (when indicated), full name, email address and register date of the new partner. To find out more details, click the  icon. If you do so, the following page will be displayed:

As you can see, the page has several different panels. Some panels are purely informative, in others you will have to select specific settings for the partner. They will be discussed separately below.

Basic details

In the top left corner, you will find all the basic details the partner specified during the registration: the publisher’s name, company email address and address. You will also find the language and the display currency the partner selected and the time and date of the registration.

Ad space

Further below, you will find the following information on the partner’s ad space: the name, URL of the website or associated website and target countries. If you choose to accept the partner, you need to select an ad space subcategory here. When you choose the subcategory, the tracking channel will be selected automatically.

Ad space preview

And then there is a nice preview of the ad space, so you don’t have to open the ad space URL in your browser.


At the bottom of the left column, you will find geographical data related to the registration. This data indicates the location of the device potential partners were using during the registration process: the ISO country code, the name of the country and the latitude and longitude. If the geographical data more or less corresponds with the address a partner registered, you can be sure you are dealing with a serious partner. If there is no correspondence, you might want to contact the partner.

Registered for

In the panel at the top of the right column, you are able to see via what advertiser partners registered. If you want to accept a partner, you need to make sure the tick box ‘activate relationship’ is selected. Furthermore, you need to select a commission model that will be applied to the relationship between the advertiser and the partner’s ad space.

If needed, you can also apply a commission rule and a fee model to the relationship.

Assign partner to entity

In this panel you will need assign a partner to an entity. The entity is the legal body responsible for the financial processes on the platform. For more details, please read this article.

Assign a key account to the partner

In this section you can decide which key account you want to assign to the partner. Per default the key account ‘by entity default’ is set. Whichever key account is set for the entity will then be displayed as the partners key account. You also have the option to select any other platform user.

General terms and conditions

In this panel, you can see whether partners have accepted the terms and conditions of the platform and the advertiser and whether they confirmed to be legal of age.

Accepting a partner

You accept partners on the same page on which you review them, simply by clicking the button ‘activate’ in the lower right corner. Before you do so, make sure you check the following:

  • Whether you have selected a subcategory for the new partner’s ad space.

  • Whether you have selected the commission model that you want to apply to the relationship between the new partner’s ad space and the advertiser via which the partner registered.

  • Whether you have selected an entity for the new partner.

If you hit the button ‘activate’, the partner will automatically receive an email informing about your decision. To see and adjust the content of these emails, please follow the instructions in this article. After receiving the email, the partner will be able to login to the partner UI.

Rejecting a partner

You reject the new partner on the same page on which you review the partner. Just scroll down the page and click on the button ‘reject’ in the right lower corner of the page. If you do so, the partner will automatically receive an email informing him about your decision. To see and adjust the content of these emails, please follow the instructions in this article.

If you reject a partner by accident, just go back to the overview place and select the option ‘show rejected partners’. You can accept the partner by clicking on the  icon and follow the instructions mentioned above.