Enabling partners to use their own tracking codes


Watch this video to understand the concept of third party tracking:

Managing third party tracking codes

Watch this video for comprehensive instructions on implementing third party tracking codes:

Code types

For the implementation of third party tracking codes, it is important to make a distinction between:

  • Codes that transmit data on behavior of customers. These codes need to be implemented in the container tag manager, which allows them to be fired on all the advertiser’s websites, apart from the confirmation pages of the conversion targets.

  • Codes that transmit data related to conversions. These codes need to be implemented in the third party tracking settings of the partner UI, which allows them to be fired via the confirmation pages of the conversion targets or via the tracking server.

Approving Javascript

If your partners implement JavaScript via their third party tracking settings, they need to ask you to approve them. This is done because errors in the JavaScript can constrain the performance of the advertiser website. Apart from obvious errors in the JavaScript, please make sure that you check how the code is designed to be loaded, i.e. synchronous or asynchronous. In most cases, the conversion codes will be loaded asynchronous, which means that any codes you implement in the container of the conversion code need to load asynchronous as well.

To approve the JavaScript your partners have implemented this, click on ‘partner’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage partners’. Go to the filter panel and open the options in the filter called ‘third party tracking’ in the column on the left. Select the option ‘partners waiting for approval of their third party tracking codes’ and hit the button ‘search’.

If you do so, all partners waiting for approval of their javascripts and iframes will appear in the partner overview. To see the code the partners wants you to approve, click on the  icon on the right of your screen. If you click on the icon, a page will appear on which all the implemented codes are listed. You will find the name of the code, a brief description, the name of the tracking service and the status. The  icon indicates the code is waiting for approval. To see the code itself, click on the  icon.

If you do this, a page will appear looking more or less like this:

Starting at the top of the page, you can find the following information here:

  • The name of the code for which the partner is asking approval.

  • A brief description of the code.

  • The tracking url of the partner. Here, you can find the image code a partner has implemented. Please note this field will also be filled out as well when a partner implements JavaScript or iframes, this field can be used to implement an image pixel that will used in case customers have disabled javascript.

  • Under the header client side tracking HTML content, you will find the JavaScript the partner wants approval for: the actual code will be filled out in the field under the header new version. If a partner has renewed his code and asks for approval again, you will find the old code under the header previous version.

  • Below, you will find comments the partner has added to the code set.

  • To make sure you can find the differences between the new and the old code, you can use the feature below the comments. It allows you to display the differences between the two codes side by side and inline.

  • Under the header approvement workflow state, you will find the current status of the code.

To approve the code, all you need to do is change the status from waiting for approval to approve. When you have done this, click on save at the bottom of the page and the partner will be able to use the code.