How do I manage baskets?

Before you start

Please note this article is only relevant when basket tracking has been activated for your advertiser program. Basket tracking allows you to see the content of all the basket positions belonging to a conversion and all the data related to it: product name, product ID, category, price, quantity, order amount and commission value. Please note a basket position can contain more than one product, if a customer ordered the same product more than once. If vouchers are applied to the conversion, the discount will be listed as a basket item as well.

Getting started

A basket is always related to a specific conversion, therefore, you will have to find the conversion to which the basket belongs first. Make sure you are logged in to your admin UI and click on ‘finance’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘conversion’. As soon as you have found the conversion you are looking for, click on the  icon in the outmost left section of the conversion panel. If you do so, a panel with all the basket positions related to the conversion will appear below the conversion panel.

Basket positions

When you have clicked on the  icon in the conversion panel, a panel will appear below. It will look more or less like this:

From left to right, you will find the following data related to the basket:

  • The number of the basket position.

  • The name of the product ordered.

  • The product ID.

  • The category of the product ordered.

  • The price of the product.

  • The quantity, i.e. the number of products ordered.

  • The position amount, i.e. the price of the product multiplied by the amount of products ordered.

  • The fixed commission attributed to this basket position.

  • The percentage commission attributed to this basket position.

  • The total amount of commission attributed to this basket position.

  • And finally, the status of the basket position. The status will be discussed under ‘basket validation’ in more detail below.

Basket validation

Standard validation

If you are working with basket tracking, you will need to validate your conversions on basket level. By doing this, you consider partially canceled orders. The easiest way to validate your baskets is by changing the status of the basket position. All you need to do is change the basket position status mentioned above from open to approved or rejected.

If you reject a basket position, the commission value will be adjusted automatically. After reloading the conversions page, you will find the overview will look more or less like this:

Please note you can only process validation via the basket position status when all products in the basket position are either accepted or returned. If a customer orders five exemplars of one product and returns three, you need to approve the basket position related to this product, but reduce the product quantity. In this case, you will need to edit the basket position.

Editing basket positions

To edit a basket position, all you need to do is click on the  icon in the row of the position you want to edit. If you do so, you will see that some of the values will be displayed in field you can edit. Please note you cannot edit all data directly: the position amount and the commission amount will be calculated anew as soon as you have adjusted the other fields. If you want to cancel your editions, click on the  icon.

Adding basket positions

In some cases, you will find yourself in a position where you need to add a basket position. To do this, just fill out the empty position at the bottom of the basket panel. Just enter a product name and product ID, select a product category, fill out a price and a percentaged and/or fixed commission and click on the icon  on the right. Please note you have to confirm your action by clicking on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the basket panel. If you want to remove the basket position again, just click on the  icon.

Removing a basket position

You can also remove a basket position completely. To do this, click on the icon   on the outmost rightof the row of the basket position you want to remove. To maintain transparency, the data in the basket position will be displayed struck through. However, you will find the position amount is no longer added to the total order value you see in the top right corner of the conversion panel.

If you wantto reverse your removal, all you need to do is click on the  icon: the position amount will be added to the order value and the display of the data will be set to normal again.

Please note removing the basket position is not the same as changing the status of the position to rejected. Validation should always take place by adjusting the status of the basket position, so the figures related to the validation will be considered in the reporting.

Exporting baskets

You can export baskets on the same page where you find the conversions with the basket positions: scroll down the page until you find the following panel at the bottom of the page:

By scrolling over the icons, you will find out the three formats in which you can export your conversions: XLSCSV and XML. Please note you have a similar panel for the export of conversions to the left of this panel.

Please note the files you can export in this section have not been optimized for validation in bulk. To find out how you can export a basket file optimized for bulk validation, please read this article.