How do I edit a payment entry?

Getting started

Make sure you are logged in to admin UI, click on ‘finance’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘partner billing’. Scroll down the page and find the payment entry you want to edit. You can use the filter panel to search for specific payouts – for comprehensive instructions, please read this chapter in the article on payouts.

Editing a payout

Once you’ve found the payment entry  you want to edit, click on the  icon in the icon section on the left. If you do so, a new panel will appear below the payout. It will be looking more or less like this:

In this panel, you can change all the data related to the payment entry: the partner contact detailshis bank bank details and his tax details. Please note that any changes here will not effect the partner data registered in his user interface. You can also edit the payment number and add a tax note to your partner – for example, when the tax liability is passed on to the partner receiving the payment entry.

When you are done, please don’t forget to click on ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.