How do I change my partner’s login data?

Before you start

Your partner needs login data, i.e. a username and a password, to access the partner UI. Please make sure you only change login data when a partner explicitly asks you to do this, or when you want to disable a partner’s access to the partner UI, for example in the case of fraud. It is also good to know partners can request new passwords themselves.

Getting started

Login your admin UI, click on ‘partner’ the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage partners’. Use the filter options to find the partner you want to edit and click on ‘search’ in the left lower corner of the page. For comprehensive instructions on how to use the filter panel, please read this article.

Changing the login data

When you have found your partner, click on the  icon in the entry of the partner. If you do so, a panel will open containing all the data of the partner. You will also find entries for the username and the password of the partner here. Change them and click on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the page. Please be aware no automated email will be send to your partner to inform him about the changes, so you will have to inform the partner yourself.