How do I contact an individual partner?

Before you start

For newsletters and other forms of bulk communication to your partners, the best feature is undoubtedly the newsletter tool. Theoretically, you could use the newsletter tool for individual communication as well, but you will probably find it more convenient to contact in the way described here.

Getting started

If you haven’t already done so, login to your admin UI. Click on ‘partner’ in the main navigation menu and click on ‘manage partners’. Find the partner you want to communicate with using the filter options. Please make sure you untick the option ‘active relationships only’ when you are looking for a partner who is not active in one of the advertiser programs yet.

Contact options

Once you have clicked on ‘search’ in the filter, you will see one or more partner entries appear, looking more or less like this:

To contact your partner via email, all you have to do is click on the  icon. If you do so, a new message in your default email client. Via the  icon, you can either call or chat with your partner using Skype. Please note the icon will only appear if the partner has registered his username related to Skype. If you want to call a partner via mobile phone or landline, click on the  icon. If you do so, a panel will appear below the entry containing all the data the partner has registered. You will find the partner’s phone number in the left column, provided the partner has registered it. You will also find the partner’s address in this panel.