01. Getting Started with Insights Data Warehouse

The Insights Data Warehouse for Google BigQuery automatically syncs your Ingenious data to Google BigQuery. All you have to do is to use our products as usual. We internally set up a BigQuery dataset with read access to your data.

Note: Your other options to access your Ingenious data are:

We have implemented the Insights Data Warehouse with the Google product BigQuery. BigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse solution that enables scalable, cost-effective and fast analysis over petabytes of data and supports querying using ANSI SQL. Google BigQuery is the interface to your data.

In the Ingenious Platform, data accumulates in all our products. This data is stored in our company-wide data lake, which we have implemented with Apache Kafka. If an event happens in the system, the data is pushed to BigQuery several times a day.

Using Google BigQuery as a data warehouse allows you to use different analysis tools and to query your data individually. For example you can use Google Data Studio to create complex reports according to your requirements. Other tools that can be used are:

Furthermore, it is possible to create data exports directly from BigQuery.

Next steps: