Parameter forwarding on click redirects

What is parameter forwarding used for?

Tracking application allows partners to forward specific parameters from the “click url” into the “target url” (next jump link) in order to allow specific partner parameter forwarding through our tracking application.. There are two approaches (Names and Prefix) and two priority levels which can be used on parameter forwarding

Parameter forwarding Prefix

You can simply forward any click parameters on redirects by providing parameter name with prefix fw_param_ or fw_param_hp_. To add test_id=123 to the target URL just append &fw_param_test_id=229 to your tracking code

Parameter forwarding Names

There are some preconfigured parameter names, which are always forwarded as default:

  • gclid

  • gclsrc

Parameter forwarding Priority

When using parameter forwarding you should keep in mind existing additional parameters settings:

For this reason we provide two priority levels:

  • Low priority parameter forwarding (prefix fw_param, preconfigured names) has a lower priority than additional parameters. Parameter value can be overwritten if the same name is configured as additional parameter.

  • High priority parameter forwarding (prefix fw_param_hp_) has a higher priority than additional parameters