Understanding the basics of Insights


This page describes the basic concepts of the Insights product.

Insights helps the customer to keep an eye on the performance by providing multiple ways to obtain data from our platform.

How Insights works

The Ingenious product all produce their individual data. For example, Trail is responsible for collecting clicks and conversions, while Access has data about users, roles, and permissions. The data captured in a Ingenious Platform is rich, and reporting on this data for analysis, optimisation, fraud detection, and other use cases is crucial.


Provides multiple aggregated views.  Traffic overview offers insights in the distribution of different KPIs across the tracking channels and the end user's devices. User journey view shows conversions and uses journeys as chains of touchpoints for end users on the way from the first contact to an order. The customer journey patterns report shows recognised patterns of all customer journeys of an advertiser and helps to understand which are most frequently attributed. Read more …


With Insights Reporting, users get a powerful tool for analysing the performance of advertisers and partners. Thanks to a variety of aggregation and filtering options, users can better focus on performance data (ad impressions, clicks, conversions) and various KPIs for many dimensions. Saved filters for recurring reports make it easier to check the platform's data on a regular basis. Read more …

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse automatically syncs Ingenious data to Google BigQuery. It contains both raw and aggregated form of the data which comes from internal production data lake as a single source of truth. Customers can use it to build their own reporting or connect to internal processes. Additionally, customers can access events discarded by Trail and use them for comprehensive error analysis and troubleshooting. Read more …


Exports for Partner & Admins allow to integrate external systems API-based. Read more …

Partner & Admin Dashboards

Partner Dashboards allow the client to publish news items directly on the dashboard of the partner UI. Via these news items, the client can announce new advertisers on the platform, introduce new ad media and inform the partner on upcoming campaigns or events. The news items will be published in a widget right below the commission and the performance overview widgets.

Admin Dashboards allow platform users with unique goals, needs and focus points to create custom dashboards: vital monitoring, performance and operational elements are packed in various widgets you can place on your dashboard. Multiple dashboards and separate the widgets can be added. Read more …