connector (import Ingenious Data into

What is is an innovative marketing and advertising data collection tools built for businesses of different sizes. It is a robust tool that enables users to collect data from across all the marketing and advertising channels and combine them with transactions and goals. The platform automates the entire process eliminating the need for manual or Excel-based data collection. helps marketers discover unique ways to maximize returns on their advertising spend. It is a reliable cloud-based solution that consolidates all vital data in a single secure location. It also makes it easy to organize the data to streamline access and search. The best part is that is easy to implement and use. No technical expertise or coding is required to gather metrics, create insightful reports, or generate KPIs. and Ingenious jointly developed a funnel-connector for the Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform. Ingenious platforms can be setup as funnel-Data-Sources. This way, all costs along with all relevant data will be automatically imported to


  • The first steps need to be done in the Ingenious System, notably getting a working API key.

  • The final steps to establish the connection are then done in the system of

1. Getting started with the API Key

The API key will be the key to connect Ingenious as data source to .

API Keys belong to users in the Ingenious system. This means, access rights that apply to a user hence also applies to the API Key.

1a: create a dedicated role and user (service account)

In order for your exports to work reliably, you should separate the Role and User for from the Roles and Users of real persons/employees. The separate/dedicated user is also called a Service Account. This is easier for trouble shooting. Also, if a person leaves the company or changes position, deleting their account will not affect the API connection.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a dedicated role that your don’t use for other persons/employees (read more here).

  • Create a dedicated user that is independent from a person/employee API (also called a “service-account”) (read more here)


Please make sure, that the role for your API exports has the rights to see all reports and data of the section Reporting. Also, in the finance section, it should allow to see Conversion, the corresponding data and allow the export.

1b: creating the API key

If you followed 1a and created a dedicated user, you don’t need to create an API-Key, because every user has a system-generated API-key. (read more here)

2. Connecting the data source in


Steps User Interface


Steps User Interface

Step 1

Log in to your account. Then navigate to (import >) data sources and click on connect data source.

Step 2

Then search for ingenious to find the source Ingenious Partner Management Platform.

Step 3

Then create new credentials:

Step 4

At this point, you will need the API key, that you created. Log into your Ingenious platform and go to Access > Credentials or Your Name > Credentials. There you will find the API key.

Step 5

Copy and paste your API key

Step 6

Select your data source: On Platform level as well as the advertisers (that is where the performance data like traffic and conversions are generated)

Step 7

Then choose wether the source should focus on traffic statistics (clicks, ad impressions and all related dimensions) or conversions (and all related dimensions). If you want both, just create two data sources.

Step 8

Optionally, you may configure sources individually.

Step 9


Step 10

Now you can start exploring your data. You may find these articles useful: