Providing news on the partner’s dashboard

What is this about?

The feature discussed here allows you to publish news items directly on the dashboard of the partner UI. Via these news items, you can announce new advertisers on your platform, introduce new ad media and inform your partner on upcoming campaigns or events. The news items will be published in a widget right below the commission and the performance overview widgets.

Creating a news item

Getting started

Make sure you are logged in to your admin UI, click on ‘communication’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘create news’.

The page basically consists of two sections. Above, you can create a news item. The section below provides you a preview.

When you create a news, you need to configure the content of the news, the lifespan, and the target audience.

Content: define what your partners see

The content is all information that will be visible to a reader of the news. It consists of information that you supply together with the news, such as advertisers and ad media and your news text.

News relevance

Before you start writing the text of the news item itself, you need to define for what partners it is relevant. You have the following options:

  • Relate the news item to one or more specific advertisers. By doing this, partners can easily see whether the news item is relevant for them. Of course, you can also relate the news item to all advertisers when it has a general nature. Please note that this function does not limit the visibility of the item: partners with ad spaces that have not been admitted to the advertiser will also be able to see the item.

  • On top of relating the item to an advertiser, you can relate the news item to a specific country. This comes in handy when you are working with an advertiser that is active in multiple markets.

Write the headline and the news text itself

Before you create the actual news item, make sure you give the item an eye-catching header. For the description, you can use the options offered by the editor:

Let’s go through all the functions one by one, from left to right:

  • First, you can select a formattings style to create headers, blockquotes and preformatted text.

  • You can use bold text or underline text.

  • The fourth function to remove the formatting you have used.

  • You can use a background color or use a specific color for your text.

  • You can insert a link or an image.

  • Finally, you can see your news item in HTML format.

Adding ad media or ad media kits

When you are creating a news item in which you are introducing a new advertiser, a new campaign or a new product, you might want to add a related ad media item or in fact the related ad media kit. By doing this, your partners will find their way to the campaign material more easily.

To add an ad media item or a complete ad media kit to your news item, just click on the button ‘add ad media’ below the text section. Please note this button will only work if you have selected one or more advertisers previously. If you click on the button, an overview of the ad media for all the advertisers you’ve selected will appear. To select an ad media kit, just tick the box next to the name of the kit in the overview. To select an ad media item, click on the relevant ad media kit and tick the box next to the name of the item. Please note you can select multiple ad media kits and items.

Lifespan: define when your partners see the item

After relating your news item to one or more advertisers, you can define on what date the item will be displayed. If you want, you can also select a date on which the item will disappear again. Please note that if you don’t select dates here, the news item will appear immediately and remain visible permanently. Of course, you can always adjust these settings after the initial publication.

Publishing the news item

While you are working on the news item, a preview will be displayed at the bottom of the page. When you are ready defining what partners will see your news item and you like what you see in the preview, just hit the button ‘publish’ in the right lower corner of the page. Please note that if you have selected a publishing date in the future, the news item will not be published until this date is reached.

Managing news items

Getting started

After you’ve published a news item, you might want to correct something in the text or perhaps even completely remove the item. When you’ve created a lot of news items, you might want to find back older items. To do so, click on ‘communication’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage news’. If you do so, you will see a page that consists of two elements: a search panel and a table containing an overview of the news items that have been created so far.

Finding a news item

To find a news item, you can use the search panel at the top of the page. The search field allows you do to a plain text search: just type in the text you are looking for and hit the button ‘search’. With the switch button next to the search field, you can define if you want to display all news items or the news items that are currently shown on the partner dashboard.

In the table, you will find the following properties of the news items recorded:

  • The advertiser to which the item was related.

  • The validity period, i.e. the period during which the item was displayed on the dashboard of the partner UI.

  • The headline of the news item.

  • The country of promotion to which the news item was related.

Editing a news item

Once you’ve found the news item you are looking for, go to the right of the table and click on the icon. If you do so, you will be taken to the page on which you originally created the news item. Here, you can edit any property of the item.

Deleting a news item

To delete a news item, all you need to do is click on the icon in the relevant row in the table. Please make sure you confirm your action in the system window that will pop up.