Trouble shooting: Does conversion tracking work properly?

1. Was the conversion tag (properly) executed?

First, perform a tracking test to know, if the conversion tag is properly executed: Check, if the URL to transmit data to the tracking server was executed:

Chrome: Open Developer Tools > Network, then search:


  • for the subdomain of the tracking domain

  • for the string tsa


The result of the executed tracking tag should be a URL with this pattern:

https://[tracking domain]/ts/[external advertiser id]/tsa?typ=f&trc=default&ctg=Sale&sid=&cid=!!convId!!&orv=!!ordValue!!&orc=EUR&cli=1-1d456c56-10de-3a02-8002-aade10566c45




2. Is the data complete and correct?

Data should be complete and correctly transmitted. Test question: Does it look good?


Mandatory parameters and values that must be transmitted:

  • Conversion Target (ctg)

  • Tracking Category (trc)

  • Conversion ID/ Order ID (cid)

  • Currency (orc)

  • Order Value (orc)


also transmitted should be (if applicable)

  • Click ID (cli) - very important

  • basket (bsk)

  • discount code (dsc)

  • discount value (dsv)

  • customer ID (csi) - important

  • session ID (session)


Please note

  • The Conversion ID / Order ID must be unique (in combination with tracking category and conversion target)

  • The alias (value transmitted) for conversion target and for tracking category need to be set up in the system beforehand.

2b. Working with the preview mode to check, if a tracking tag is correct

A quite simple way to check, if all data is correct and good, is the preview mode:

Practically, it often is useful to copy the executed tracking tag (see step 1) from the developer tools and add &preview_mode=1 and also add a -test to the order id. This is, since probably the previous call was registered by the tracking system - So to make sure, the order id is still unique, it should be changed.

Te result will be in JSON. In cse it looks a bit weird, just search for a JSON beautifier with your favorite search engine.




3. Is the conversion not trackable (untracked data)?

Usually working with the preview_mode should provide all possible error messages. 

However, sometimes it still makes sense to check if one or multiple conversions caused errors and hence could not be tracked.

Untracked data is available via the Insights product (Big Query) and to customers who use that product. Please note, untracked data is only available soonest one hour after the event took place.

4. Are there conversion errors?

In some cases conversions could be tracked but caused an error, when the system tried to apply the commission. These error messages can be found under Finance > conversions > conversion errors

Examples would be errors caused by a wrong API key or an inactive relationship.

5. Conversion not showing in the UI? Check filters!

Sometimes it appears, that a conversion is missing, since it seems to not appear in the UI. however, often the data ist “just” filtered. There are some filters, that should be considered (especially under Finance > conversions):

  • analytical conversions (analytical conversion targets) are filtered out by default

  • only active partners are shown in filters per default

  • only active advertisers are shown in filters per default

  • pay attention to the time filter (period). For example, last 7 days includes the current day, last 3 months not (because the last 3 completed month are meant)

6. Conversion not attributed (not showing in UI) - Tracking link?

Before doing the sale / conversion: Did you use a click tracking link? Because only with a valid tracking information (cookie, clickId etc.) attribution can be done.

7. Still no idea? Ask the Ingenious support team!

We have the possibility to check, if a test conversion arrived in our system and if it was attributed or not (and if not why).

So if you tried everything troubleshooting and still have no idea, just ask us. Please provide:

  • time of the conversion

  • OrderID (if available)

  • advertiser id

  • executed URL (e.g. taken from developer tools),


Please send all IDs as text, so we can copy and paste. Screenshots should only be additional information

Screenshots from Tag Manger Interfaces etc. may be nice to have, however, we need to know how the conversion tag was executed, to be able to judge the quality of the implementation. (see Step 1)