Set up your deeplink generator

What is a deep link?

Basically, a deeplink is a tracking link, that can redirect the user to a landing page, that is defined in a parameter as part of the tracking link. Advantage: The target URL does not need to be defined in the UI. Read more about deeplinks here:

What is a deeplink generator?

A deeplink generator allows your partners to safely create tracking deep links via a user interface. This way, people that are not too technically focused can still create valid deeplinks.

The deeplink generator is an HTML file. Advantage: If needed, it can be highly customized.

Preparing the deeplink generator file

We recommend to generate the HTML file, that will later become your deeplink generator, with the help of this tool:

Just type in the following values

Configuration (What)



Configuration (What)



Advertiser homepage

The default URL, usually the home page of the shop

Advertiser intermediatepage

Optional, only applies if needed. In some cases, in front of the target URL a tracking URL is needed. The principle is just like deeplinks of the ingenious system, where a deeplink consists of tracking part + target URL

Advertiser ID

the external advertiser ID for tracking purposes: the number in tracking tags and click tracking tags that starts with i


Advertiser logo

Source of a logo. optional.

Button color

color of the button, optional


Tracking domain

tracking domain of the advertiser


language of the deeplink generator’s UI


Once all fileds are filled in, you click the generate code button. Then copy the provided code, paste it in a text editor and save the file as HTML file (.html).

What about parameters that need to be added to each URL?

We recommend to use the additional parameter tool. This way, all parameters that need to be added to the target URL will be added automatically and you do not need to worry about them when creating the deeplink generator.


Activating the deeplink generator

Navigate to

Trail > Settings > Tracking Settings

and make sure your advertiser is selected.

In the section deeplink generator you can

  • activate the deeplink generator

  • upload the file that you created.


Then you may check the result by clicking on preview.

Remember to save your settings.