Managing and monitoring your domains

Basically, it is very useful to know, if your domains (e.g. tracking domains) are still working properly. Also, details, like the if DNS settings are still working properly and if domains are in use are important to know.


To launch the domain tool, go to:

Access > Domains

to find an overview of all your domains. Platform domains as well as tracking domains.


Overview and Filters

Created at

Date and time when the tracking domain was registered to the system.

Please note, “old” domains (that existed before launch of the feature) have the date of the first import into the domain tool.

Updated at

last date, when the domain was changed in the Ingenious Platform (e.g. status change from active to deactivated)

Domain target

Basically, the domain target represents the types of domains in the platform.

domain target


domain target



Domains needed for the platform. Like the domains for admin UI, partner UI or the api domain.


Tracking domain (often first party tracking domain)

external proxy

In rare cases, external proxy domains are used as tracking domains. This represents an exception.



Can the domain be reached and is it accessible? Basically: Is it online?


DNS status

Are the DNS settings (usually the CNAME) working properly. Only domains with correct DNS settings can be used.



Is the domain in use? For tracking domains this means: Is the domain used by an (active) advertiser?

  • is used

  • pase out

  • unused


Domain status

The status of the domain shows, if it is active or not.






Domain is active and can be used: If the DNS record is correctly set up, an activated domain will be SSL certificated. Once the certification is done, the domain is usable.


A deactivated domain cannot be chosen in advertiser setups, but it remains functional within our system. This status allows platform owners to maintain control over their domains while temporarily restricting their usage.


Once a domain is deleted, it cannot be used within the platform.



If you are looking for the domain of a specific advertiser, this filter is the correct one.


just type in your search query and hit Enter


Details of a domain and management

when selecting a domain, you can see detailed data.

Also, the status can be changed or the domain can be deleted.