Managing and monitoring your domains

Effectively managing and monitoring your domains is essential for the seamless operation of your platform. It is very useful to know, if your domains (e.g. tracking domains) are still working properly. Also, details, like the if DNS settings are still working properly and if domains are in use are important to know. This guide provides comprehensive insights into the process.

Accessing the Domain Tool

To manage your domains:

  1. Navigate to Access > Domains.

  2. This section provides an overview of all your domains, both platform and tracking domains.


Understanding Domain Overview and Filters

  • Created at: Reflects the date and time when the tracking domain was added to the system. For domains existing before this feature's introduction, this date marks their first import into the domain tool.

  • Updated at: Represents the most recent date the domain was modified within the Ingenious Platform, such as a status change.

  • Domain Target: Differentiates the types of domains in the platform.

    • custom: Essential domains for the platform, like those for the admin UI, partner UI, or the API domain.

    • tracking: Typically first-party tracking domains.

    • external proxy: In some rare instances, external proxy domains serve as tracking domains.

  • Reachability: Determines if the domain is online and accessible.

  • DNS Status: Checks the functionality of the DNS settings, especially the CNAME. Only domains with accurate DNS settings are operational.

  • Usage: Denotes if the domain is currently in use. For tracking domains, it's determined by its association with an active advertiser.

    • is used

    • phase out

    • unused

  • Domain Status: Describes the domain's operational state.

    • Activated: The domain is active and, once the DNS is correctly set, will be SSL certificated.

    • Deactivated: The domain remains functional but can't be selected in advertiser setups. This allows platforms to (temporarily) restrict usage.

    • Deleted: The domain is no longer usable within the platform.

  • Advertiser Filter: Use this filter to search for a specific advertiser's domain.

  • Search: Simply input your query and press Enter to search.


Details of a domain and management

when selecting a domain, you can see detailed data.

Also, the status can be changed or the domain can be deleted.


Managing Unlinked Tracking Domains

  • Marking as deleted: Domains no longer in use should be marked 'deleted'. No further SSL certificates will be ordered for these domains.

  • Deletion of unnecessary domains: Remove any tracking domains that are no longer required. Note: Managed domains are distinct from the advertisers using them.

  • Domain vs. advertiser status: Marking an advertiser as 'deleted' doesn't affect the associated domain's status. Idea is, to ensure consistent tracking in case an advertiser status is changed accidentally. Hence, domains must be marked inactive separately.