Find a specific advertiser

Before you start

This article is relevant mostly when you have more than, say, thirty advertiser programs in your network. If not, you will be able to find the active advertisers you are looking for by merely taking a glance at the overview which is displayed in the advertiser section of the UI. The filter options are only relevant when you are looking for an advertiser you have deactivated or even deleted. If you have numerous advertisers, you will probably need to use the filter options more frequently.

Getting started

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you are logged in to your admin UI, click on ‘advertiser’ in the main menu and proceed to click on ‘manage advertisers’. If you do so, you will be taken to the page with the overview of all the advertisers on your platform. On the top of the list of your advertisers, you will see the filter panel.

Using the filter panel

As you can see, you have six different options to filter your advertisers:

  • By ‘advertiser settlement’, i.e. the country in which your advertiser is based.

  • By ‘entity’. Remember the entity is the legal body responsible for the payment of the partners? Every advertiser is allocated to an entity as well, to fix who will pay out the partners generating commission for the advertiser.

  • By ‘advertiser country’, i.e. the country or countries in which the advertiser is offering its services and/or selling its products. Please note an advertiser can be active in more than one country.

  • By ‘advertiser category’. Please note that filtering advertisers by this option premises that you have categorized your advertisers when you have created them.

  • By ‘status’. The default setting of the filter panel includes active advertisers only. If you want to find deactivated or deleted partners, make sure you select those options. This filter also allows you to search for advertiser that have the status ‘hidden’.

  • By ‘key account manager’, i.e. the user that was registered as the person responsible for the advertiser.

  • By ‘label’. If you have given labels such as ‘travel’, ‘vip’, ‘test’ to your advertisers, you can filter by the label here.

  • By freetext search. You can enter a search text and the system will filter advertisers matching to your input.

When you are ready defining your filter settings, click on the ‘search’ button in the left lower corner of the panel. The advertiser overview below the filter options will be adjusted corresponding to your settings.