Working with the newsletter history

Working with the newsletter history

What is a newsletter history?

The newsletter history provides you with an overview of all the newsletters that have been sent from your platform, including the time and date, the subject, the status, a report on the bounce rate and further details. Please be aware that test newsletters are not included in the history.

Getting started

Make sure you are logged in to your admin UI, click on ‘communication’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘newsletter history’ .

History overview

After you have clicked on ‘newsletter history’, a list will be displayed with all the newsletter that were sent from your platform. The various columns contain the following data:

  • The user who sent out the newsletter.

  • The time and date of the moment on which the newsletter was dispatched.

  • The subject relates to the text written in the subject line of the newsletter.

  • The status informs you whether the newsletter has been sent out successfully, whether an error occurred or if the newsletter is still being processed.

Next to the status column, you will find a small bar which is either green, red, or a combination of both. This bar contains a report on the success of your newsletter: if you scroll over it, a message will appear explaining you how many newsletters were sent successfully, how many errors occurred and, if the dispatching process is not completed yet, how many newsletters still need to be send out. Most errors will be produced by problems with the email of your partners. For further details, you can click on the figures mentioned in the message. From here, you will be taken to the logs of your email services.

Finally, you can use the  icon to reach the newsletter details. They will be discussed in more detail below.

Newsletter details

After you have clicked on the  icon, a panel will appear below the row with details on your newsletter. It will look more or less like this:



As you can see, you will find the following details of the newsletter:

  • Under ‘recipients’, you will find the user IDs of all the partners the newsletter was sent to.

  • Under ‘subject’, you will find the text written in the subject line again.

  • Under ‘HTML part’, you will find the HTML content of your newsletter.

  • Under ‘text part’, you will find the plain text content of your newsletter.