Managing your user profile

Before you start

In order to have access to the platform, you need a user account. The user account grants you access to the platform via the so called admin UI. For further details on your access to the platform, please read this article. You can manage your user account on the so called user profile page.

Getting started

Make sure you login to the admin UI, scroll over your name and username in the right corner of the top bar of the UI and click on ‘my profile’. If you do so, a page will be displayed containing all your profile data.

In most cases, the page consists of three different panels:

  • User data.

  • Email communication, i.e. the settings of the newsletters.

  • Contact data.

  • Termination policy, i.e. a data privacy statement.

Depending on the type of user, you might find the communication section is omitted. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button which allows you to terminate your user account.

User data


The profile page contains the following data:

  • Your first and last name.

  • The user name (alias) you use to login to the platform.

  • Your email address, used for all platform related communication.

  • Optionally, your phone number.

Editing your user data

All elements of the user data are editable. To edit the user data, just make your changes in the entry field, scroll down to the communication section and click on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the panel. By clicking ‘cancel’ you make the changes undone.

Please note the following:

  • The user name (alias) has to be unique. In case you change your user name to a name which already exists in the platform, you will see a warning message.

  • If you change your email address, an email will be sent to the new email address asking you to confirm the change. Until you do this, the old address will be used for communication.

Managing your newsletters

As mentioned above, you might find that in some cases, the communication section is omitted. This depends on the user type you have. If the communication section is there, you will find options to subscribe for two different newsletters:

  • The product newsletter, which informs you on maintenance, feature updates and changes to the platform.

  • The insights newsletter, which covers more generic news on online marketing and technology.

To subscribe or unsubscribe a newsletter, all you need to do is shift the switch next to the newsletter to yes or no, respectively. To confirm the change, please click on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the panel. By clicking on ‘cancel’, you can make any changes undone.

Configuring and setting your contact display

As a platform user you might want to display your contact details to partners that are assigned to you (i.e. in case of key account management for specific partners). To see how this will look in the partner UI please have a look at the article on dashboards. If there is no distinction in partner management you might want to have a generic contact option that is displayed to partners on their dashboard. In both cases this is realized via the respective platform user settings.

Every platform user can specify his own data in the contact settings with a WYSIWYG editor that will look more or less like this:

As you can see, the contact details can be filled and designed freely. Even links and images can be added here. If you want to show your contact data to assigned partner accounts put the switch on ‘yes’.

If most of your partners do not have dedicated key account managers, it might make sense to configure a default setting for both advertisers and partners on your platform. In order to do so, please create a new user for which you can then edit the contact data under ‘My profile’.

For setting this default user contact data as a default please go to Configuration – Entities and set a default key account for advertiser and/or partner. All advertisers/partners that are related to the entity you set the default key account for will then see the contact data of the set platform user in their dashboard. All platform users are available as key account options here. As these default key accounts are assigned on entity level, you can select different contacts per market, i.e. depending on where your business is operating or which language is used in support. 

User account termination

How to terminate your own user account

To terminate your user account, please click on ‘terminate’ in the right lower corner of the page and make sure you confirm your action in the pop-over window. Please note terminating your user account has the following consequences:

  • You will be logged out immediately and can no longer login.

  • Your personal data will be deleted, with the exception of your name. This is done to make sure your actions on the platform can be identified. For the same reason, the time and date on which your user account was created and the time and date on which it was terminated will be stored.


Please note platform administrators are also capable of terminating your user account. If they do so, you will receive an email informing you about the termination and what happens to you personal data.

The platform will automatically terminate your user account if you are inactive (i.e. do not login or use your API key) for more than twelve months. Four weeks before this is done, you will receive an email warning you of the pending termination. If you login or use your API key after receiving this email, the termination will be cancelled. Two weeks before the pending termination, you will receive another email to warn you. Again, if you login or use your API key, the termination will be cancelled.