Managing your access to the platform

Access to the platform

After you have been registered as a user, you have access to the platform via an admin UI. There are two ways to enter your admin UI: by logging in using your user name and your password, or via a so called API key. API keys are used mostly to export and import data to the platform. For further details, please read this article. Here, we will discuss everything related to logging in with your user name and password.

Please note that your user account has a specific role. This role defines what features you can see in your admin UI. If you cannot find a specific feature you are looking fore, this might have to do with the fact that you have a limited role.

Everything you need to know about your user name

You use your user name to login to the admin UI. There are no formal requirements to the user name, apart from the fact that it must be unique for the platform you are logging in to. After you have logged in, you will find your user name displayed in the right top corner of your admin UI, next to the platform status, the currency and the language settings.

You can edit your user name. To find out how, please read this article.

Everything you need to know about your password


Your password is used to secure the platform and your data. The formal requirements differ from platform to platform, depending on the security settings defined by the administrator of the platform.

Changing your password

To change your password, make sure you are logged in to your admin UI, using your old password. Scroll over your name and username as displayed in the right corner of the top bar of the UI and proceed to click on ‘credentials’ in the menu.

If you do so, a page will appear on containing two panels. The first one is called ‘change password’. Go to this panel and do the following:

  • Enter your old password.

  • Enter your new password.

  • Repeat your new password.

Confirm the change by clicking on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the panel.

Please note that if your new password does not meet the requirements as defined in the security settings , you will see an error message. Please adjust your password according to the instructions in the error message, repeat the adjusted password and click on ‘save’.

What to do when you forget your password

First of all: forgetting a password is human, so don’t worry. If it happens to you, make sure you do the following:

  • Go to the page on which you normally login to your admin UI.

  • Right below the login section, you will find a small link saying: ‘Forgot your password?’. Click on it.

  • After you’ve clicked on the link, fill out the email address related to your user account and click on ‘submit’. If you do so, you will receive an email containing a temporary password. Use it to login and change your password again following the instructions above.

Please note: if you do not receive the email with the temporary password in your inbox, make sure you check your spam order.