Defining your security settings

Before you start

Various types of users have access to the platform. Your colleagues will work on the platform via their admin UI and will be registered as platform users. You can also grant external users access to an admin UI and register them as advertiser users or platform consultants. Partners have access to the platform via the partner UI.

All of these users login to their accounts with a username and a password. If you want to protect these accounts better, you might want to concider using the security feature on the platform in order to make sure users use strong passwords, are penalized for using incorrect passwords and update their passwords regularly.

Getting started

As usual, make sure you are logged in to your admin UI. Go to the administration section in the main navigation menu, click on ‘configuration’ and proceed to click on ‘security’.

Password settings

On the security page, you can define password settings to make the access to the platform more secure. All you need to do is fill out numbers in the placeholders within the sentences on the page. If you leave them open, no measures will be applied.

You can imply three types of security measures:

  • Under ‘format’, you can make sure a minimum amount of characters is used and apply a maximum number of characters. You can also force users to include a specific number of special characters, small and capital letters.

  • Under ‘protection’, you can define the number of times a password can be entered incorrectly. If users exceed this number, their accounts will be temporarily blocked.

  • Under ‘update’ you can define how often a password should be updated. Please note that you can imply an update frequency per user type: platform users, external users (advertiser users and platform consultants) and partners. If a password is not updated within the prescribed number of days, the related account will be temporarily blocked.

Please note that blocking an account temporarily only affects the access a user or a partner has to the platform. It does not affect any settings they have defined, nor does it affect the business of your partners: tracking and rating will proceed normally and you can even bill and pay partners with a blocked account. Users and partners can restore their access to their accounts by requesting a new password, which will be send to the email address they registered.