Working with tracking domains

What is a tracking domain?

The tracking domain is the domain via which ad impressions, clicks and conversions related to your advertiser are being tracked. You will need to register a tracking domain when you want to offer an advertiser first party tracking. First party tracking enables you to track your advertiser’s conversions and other conversions via the advertiser’s own domain. To find out why this is highly beneficial for both your advertiser and the partners on your platform, please read article.

Please note, first party tracking should only be implemented when you are planning a long term implementation of your advertiser on your platform. In case you are only starting a brief campaign for an advertiser, you might want to use a generic tracking domain.

Creating a tracking domain


Before you can register a new tracking domain, some changes have to be processed in the infrastructure of the advertiser’s website. For more information, please contact your support team.

Registering a tracking domain

As soon as the necessary changes in the infrastructure of the advertiser’s website have been processed, you can register the tracking domain. To do so, click on ‘configuration’ in the main menu and proceed to click on ‘tracking domains’.  If you do so, a page will be displayed with all the tracking domains registered on your platform. To register a new one, click on the button ‘register tracking domain’ in the right top corner of the page.

After you have clicked on the button, a small panel will appear with a field where you fill out the new tracking domain. In most cases, the tracking domain will have the following format:


Of course, the country extension might vary. After you have filled out the tracking domain, click on ‘save’ in the right lower corner of the panel. The tracking domain will now appear in the overview.

Editing a tracking domain

Editing a registered tracking domain is not possible, because it would hamper the tracking of your advertiser’s conversions. In case an advertiser changes the domain via which he does business, just make sure a new tracking domain is registered, corresponding with the new domain. Tracking domains that are no longer in use have to remain registered on the platform in order to maintain a proper and transparent documentation.