Logging in to a partner’s account

Before you start

A partner’s account is his own unique connection to your platform and should therefore be handled with great care. Nevertheless, you might find yourself in a situation in which it comes in very handy to login to a partner’s account directly, for example when a partner reports an error in his UI and you need to reproduce it. When you login to your partner’s account, make sure you do not alter any configurations or remove data. Please note that, although you are able to login to the partner’s account directly, you do not dispose over a partner’s password.

Getting started

Make sure you are logged in to your own admin UI, click on ‘partner’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage partner’. Find the relevant partner with the partner filter, following the instructions in this article.

Logging in directly

When you have found the relevant partner, a row will be displayed containing the partner’s UID, his main ad space and his full name, along with several icons related to partner functions. To login to the account of the partner, click on the  on the right. If you do so, you will immediately be taken to the partner’s account and logged in.

Please note that some browsers might hamper the direct login because they regard it as a pop-up opening up. If your browser indeed does this, make sure you allow pop-ups for the domain related to the partner accounts on your platform.