How do partners register for my platform?


Before partners can become active for one or more advertisers on your platform, they need an account. You can create an account for a partner manually, but in most cases, partners will register for your platform via a registration page. This registration page can be reached via a link, which can be found in your admin UI.

In most cases, you will integrate this partner registration link on the website of the advertisers registered in your platform. Normally, a parameter in the link will identify the advertiser via which website the partner registered. If you admit partners to your platform, they will be directly admitted to the program of this advertiser as well.

Registration page

Depending on the custom CSS of your platform and other platform configuration, the registration page will look more or less like this:

At the top of the page, the name of the advertiser via which partners are registering is displayed. Further below, partners are required to fill out their basic details, a password and an ad space, usually the website via which they will generate business. Of course, partners have the opportunity to register more websites and other ad spaces after the initial registration, but during the registration, they only need to register one.

Apart from filling out their data, partners can write a brief description of their application in which they explain their advertising strategy. At the bottom of the page, they need to confirm they are legally competent, accept the terms and conditions of your platform and accept the terms and conditions of the advertiser to which they will be admitted automatically.

Registration process

When new partners have filled out all mandatory fields and click on the button ‘finish sigh up’ at the bottom of the page, a new page will be loaded. This page contains a brief text explaining their registration is now under consideration. Furthermore, partners will receive an email in which they are asked to confirm their email address by clicking on a confirmation link. As soon as partners have confirmed their email address, their registration will become visible in your admin UI and you can start admitting or declining. To find out how, please read this article.

Where can I find the partner registration link?

Make sure you are logged in to your admin UI. Click on ‘advertiser’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage advertiser’. The page you see now offers you an overview of all the advertiser on your platform. Find the advertiser for which you want to integrate the registration link and click on the  icon. If you do so, a new page will open, containing the advertiser description. The partner registration link is the first element below the header of this page. All you have to do now is to copy the link and implement it on the page of your advertiser.

When you copy the link from the advertiser description page, it will look more or less like this:

The URL contains the following elements:

  • ‘https://’ is the protocol. Please make sure you are using a https protocol (no http) in order to secure transmission of your data.

  •’ is the domain. Depending on your platform configuration, its content will be different, but the registration link will allways contain the word partner.

  • ‘/register.html’ is the path.

  • ‘mid=5044’ is the parameter identifying the advertiser via which the partner has registered.

Additional parameters

If you want, you can add the following additional parameters to the registration link.

Parameter name



Parameter name




The parameter allows you to display the registration page is displayed in a language that diverts from the language of the advertiser . Use the ISO 639-3 codes to identify the langues.



The parameter allows you to display the logo of the advertiser on the registration page. Always use '1' as a value.



If you add this parameter, a minimal version of the registration page will be displayed.



If you add all the available additional parameters, your registration link will look more or less like this:

Admittance to advertisers

When the MID parameter mentioned is loaded, the registration page will not only contain the terms and conditions of your platform, but also the terms and conditions of the advertiser via which partners are registering. Potential partners have to confirm having read both of them. When you accept partners for your platform, they will be automatically admitted to the advertiser identified via the MID.

When the parameter is not used, partners can still register for your platform, but they won’t be automatically admitted to the advertiser via which they registered. Partners will therefore have to apply for an advertiser program separately, or you will have to admit partners manually. If you want to avoid such a situation, go to the the basic settings of your platform and select the option ‘force new partners to apply to an advertiser’. When this option is selected, partners registering for your platform will need to select an advertiser they want to apply to on the registration page.