Create a new creative set

Before you start

A creative set is more than a folder for your creatives. It does not only help you to structure your creatives but your campaigns as well. For every creative set, you define a target URL. This target URL is used for all creatives inside of the set (unless the specify a custom target URL).

Getting started

Before creating a creative you need at least one creative set to store your creative in. To create a creative set, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Creatives Manager and click on the create button in the top right corner

  • Select "Creative set"

  • After you have clicked on the ‘Create’ button, you will be redirected to the following page:

  • Fill in all necessary data:

    • Name (mandatory): Enter a name for the creative set

    • External reference id (optional, free text field): use this field to enter a reference number from an external system

    • Description (optional):

    • Target url (mandatory): The target URL is pre-filled, based on the URL you configured in the platform settings for this specific Advertiser (Manage Advertiser > Advertiser properties > Website). You can easily modify it and choose a different Target URL.

    • Tracking category (mandatory): it is prefilled with the default tracking category of the advertiser

    • Partner group (optional): select a partner group to restrict the visibility of the creative set and all its contents to certain partners

  • Click Save. After that you are redirected to the previous page and see the newly created Creative Set.

You can now navigate into the creative set by double click

Did you know? You can create a creative set in another creative set because they are hierarchically ordered.