Advanced usage of server side Webhooks

Modifying parameters using regular expressions

Server side Webhooks grant you the ability to give any of the possible parameter an ‘expression’ and ‘replacement’ attribute.

If provided we will search for the 'expression' and then replace it with the 'replacement'.
An Example would be:

Imagine your smc3-Parameter represents a date : 2021-12-29/23:12:00 and you want to convert it into the format: 20211229_2312. It is possible to do that with the following parameter in server side webhooks:

 FORMATTED_SMC3={FREE_PARAM_smc3 expression='(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})/(\d{2}):(\d{2}):(\d{2})' replacement='$1$2$3_$4$5'}
The string in expression and replacement needs to be url-encoded, which leads to this string:

 FORMATTED_SMC3={FREE_PARAM_smc3 expression='%28%5Cd%7B4%7D%29-%28%5Cd%7B2%7D%29-%28%5Cd%7B2%7D%29%2F%28%5Cd%7B2%7D%29%3A%28%5Cd%7B2%7D%29%3A%28%5Cd%7B2%7D%29' replacement='%241%242%243_%244%245'}