How to check your tracking URL

Tracking URL properties

The tracking URL is the URL via which users of your ad space are directed to the sites of the advertisers you promote. They also make sure conversions you generate are properly tracked. From time to time, you mind find yourself in a situation where you want to check whether the tracking URLs you have integrated in your ad space are still active, for which ad space they were cleared, to which advertiser they belong, etc. To find out all properties of the tracking URL, all you need to do is use the tracking URL check feature in your partner UI.

Checking your tracking URL

To check your tracking URL, make sure you are logged in to your partner UI and click on ‘check tracking’ in the navigation menu. If you do so, you will see a page is loaded with a field in which you can easily past the tracking URL you want to check. If you hit the button next to it, a panel will appear on the right containing all the properties of the tracking URL. The page will look more or less like this:

As you can see, the overview of the properties includes information on the partner(just in case you were checking a tracking URL of another partner), the advertiser to which it belongs, the ad space for which it was cleared (this is particularly important when you are working with multiple ad spaces) and the ad media to which it is related. Please note your tracking URL has to be intact for the feature to work.