20.04.2020 – Server-Side Webhooks

Recent changes: Server-Side Webhooks

As promised, we recently rolled out some changes to Server-Side Webhooks.

  • FEATURE Conversion updates are now published in near real-time.

  • FEATURE Until now, neither platform users or partners could not see Webhook execution Logs in their UI. To shorten the troubleshooting time, we have introduced such a UI for you and your partners.

  • FEATURE Webhooks are much more reliable. They will also preserve the order of conversion changes, follow redirects (301) and attempt to retry if the target server is not available.

  • FIXED Changes to Conversion Target or Tracking Category were not published properly. We fixed that for you.

  • FIXED Conversions created or updated via Finance-API or UI import were not pushed through Webhooks. From now on all of these are supported.

  • CHANGED 3rd-Party-Tracking is now named Webhooks.

  • CHANGED The parameters BasketProtocol and Winner-Channel are no longer supported by Server-to-Server Webhooks.

  • CHANGED The “Integrations” product has arrived in the UI. We have reorganized “External Reference Mappings” and “Banking” into it, because that’s where they belong.

  • CHANGED The Webhook manager has been reorganized to clarify supported template parameters for browser-side and server-side.