We build the Creatives product to replace the old ad media product! We’re proud to announce its official released today and you can use it’s beta version from now on, just talk to us!

Why Creatives?

We wanted to create something that is more user friendly, easy to use, flexible and modern.

Creatives now comes with a shiny new ui focused on usability and optimising your workflows. It is build upon an api, which also allows for integration into other systems. The new product meets our technology standards and is set up for fast development in the future!

Main features

  • Hosted Image Creatives: Upload your creative image directly to our platform. We deliver the creative fast and optimal to your customers. We built our Creatives upon cloudinary.com, and it’s underlying CDN akamai.com to match your needs for fast and SEO supporting delivery.

  • Explorer View: You can now manage your creatives across all your advertisers. No more juggling with multiple browser tabs.

  • In the new Manager Overview, you are always in the context of an Advertiser. Here you can make changes to one or multiple creatives at a time by using the new Multiselect Feature.

  • External Reference Id: We’ve added the external reference attribute for you, you can use it to store your own Id belonging to this creative/creative-set.

Wait, do I need to switch immediately?

No need to worry that everything changed. To make the transition easier you can still use the old system side by side with the new one . We sync all data between the two systems automatically.

You can find information on how to use the new product in our documentation: