Export Data

Getting started

You reach the programs by clicking on the ‘export’ in the navigation menu. If you do so, you will see a page looking like this:

Exporting data

As you can see, the export page offers you a list of all data you can export from the partner UI, subdivided in reporting data and other data. The reports are ordered by denominator: you can export your reports by day, by product category, by advertiser, etc.. In the other section, you will find advertiser data, product categories and voucher codes. You can export the data you want in CSV, XLS or XML format, using the corresponding icons on the right. To limit the timeframe of the data you want to export, use the filter options at the top of the page.

Data output

Depending on the kind of export type you select, you will find your file contains different data. If you click on one of the types below, you will find a comprehensive overview of the all the data you will find in your file:

Exporting ad media

At the bottom page, you will find you can export ad media as well. Doing this is a bit more complex than exporting other data. You start by clicking on , the arrow pointing down on the right of the page. If you do this, a panel will open looking more or less like this:

Basically, this panel offers filter options. In the default mode, all possible options are selected, so you only need to do something here when you want to narrow down the amount of ad media you export. Let’s go through them one by one:

  • Starting at the top, you can limit the ad media you export by ad space. Please note this option is only relevant when you have registered more than one ad space and you have been admitted to different advertiser programs.

  • The option advertiser allows you to export ad media related to one or more specific advertiser programs.

  • The option product category allows you to export ad media related to one ore more specific product categories.

  • The option ad media kits allows you to export ad media from one ad media kits (categories).

Under format, you need to select the format of your export (CSV, XLS or XML). If you tick the box tracking code, you make sure your export will include the tracking code (click URL) of the ad media. When you are ready, hit the button export data.

Please note you can save filter settings by clicking the button save filter and writing a description of your filter. If you do so, you will find this description will be added to the saved filters drop down menu at the top of the panel.

Ad media export output

For a complete overview of the output in the ad media export file, please read this article.

Creating automated exports

As you’ve probably realized, this page does not only allow you to export data, but also to create automated exports. For a full explanation, please read this article.