Explore advertisers

Getting started

  • Make sure you are logged in to the UI

  • Click on Partnerships in the main navigation menu, and proceed to click on Advertiser Explorer

  • Now you see the Advertiser Explorer page

Overview about advertisers: Advertiser Explorer

Now you see the Advertiser Explorer page, which shows a list of advertisers.

You can have a quick look at the characteristics of each of the advertisers.
In addition to the name, the logo, the attributes, and the short description, you also get an insight into the performance values and the standard commission model of the advertisers.

If you see the page in the context of a partner you can see the relationship to the advertisers and if possible apply to it.

Filtering the advertisers' explorer results

You can filter the results, it is possible to filter by:

  • Start date

  • Free text search (Name, Id and more)

  • Advertiser status

  • Relationship status (when you have an adspace context)

  • Category

  • Attributes

Sorting the advertisers' explorer results

On top of the table is an arrow with a label next to it. This describes the current sorting.

Click on the arrow to change the sort direction.

A click on the label will open a menu where you can select the field you want to sort by, e.g. Start date, name, and some performance values.

Advertiser Dashboard

To have a more detailed look at an individual advertiser and enter the Advertiser Dashboard, you can:

  • double click on an advertiser in the Advertiser Explorer list

  • or click the “Actions”-button and choose “Dashboard”

You will first enter the advertiser profile view where you will again see much of the same information as in the Advertiser Explorer List entries: An overview of the most important things of an advertiser.

Besides that you will see other tabs that give you more in-depth information about some of the advertisers' characteristics:

  • Commission tab: This shows you more information about the advertisers' commission models.