28.07.2021 UI navigation makeover

Admin UI

Three level menu

Instead of two levels we now have three levels in the menu. Also the levels will not be visible all the time but instead only open up on hover and disappear again on a click to either a menu point or the grey-ish space next to it.

The new structure reflects the Ingenious products and was inspired by customer feedback.

We made all tools that were previously only reachable through the advertiser manager, available in the menu.

Here is a picture of the new ui’s menu (admin side) vs the old for your reference:


Preselection of last selected Advertiser

As these tools require a selected advertiser we now save the last selected advertiser and will preselect it when switching tools. This will make it a lot easier for you to navigate and work within one advertiser. You can always change it by clicking on the advertiser breadcrumb that is now available on all pages:

Purified Manage Advertiser table

We improved the usability of the “Manage Advertiser” page by removing noise from it. To make it easier to work with the various tools we hide them behind an action button and show descriptive names alongside the old icons (no worries if you are used to them, we got you).

Over time we added so many advertiser-tools, that the approach to show an icon-bar was not scaling anymore, and caused confusion with new users.

All of these tools, except for the attribution manager, are now accessible via the main menu as well.

Changes in admin menu

Partnerships (new)

  • Advertiser

  • Partner

  • Relationships

  • Categories (previously: Configuration)

Trail (new)

  • Tracking Channels (previously: Configuration)

  • Tracking Domains (previously: Configuration)

  • Custom Click Filters (previously: Configuration)

  • Check Tracking (previously: Relationships)


  • Finance templates (previously: Customization)

Renamed Communication to Messaging

  • Email templates (previously: Customization)

  • Mail Services (previously: Configuration)

  • Static Sites (previously: Configuration)

Renamed User to Access

  • Moved Security (Password restrictions) (previously: Configuration)

Renamed Configuration to Platform

  • Renamed Configuration/Platform to Settings

Removed menu entries

  • Documentation main menu entry

  • API main menu

  • menu area administration

Partner UI

Three level menu

The partner ui is also adapted to reflect the ingenious products as well and it will look similar to the admin menu now:

Changes in partner menu


  • Add Adspace management (previously only accessible from the top menu)

Messaging (new)

  • Messages (previously only accessible from the top menu)

  • Email Preferences (previously only accessible from the top menu)

Insights (new)

  • Reporting

  • Export

Creatives (new)

  • Creatives manager

  • Product Data Feed

  • Voucher Codes

Trail (new)

  • Check tracking

Integrations (new)

  • Webhooks

Access (new)

  • Account details (previously only accessible from the top menu)

  • Credentials (previously only accessible from the top menu)