Fraud Fighting Overview

The Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform has several ways to prevent you from fraud. Most of them are configured by default, and some can be improved by you on use-case basis:

Impression/Click fraud (e.g., click injections, click spamming):

  • Fake Click detection

  • Click filters (time/ re-click, Geo-IP on country level)

  • Deeplink-Protection: Only forwarding to domains in a Safelist

  • Host Safelist: Only allow Events (Views, Clicks) from/on allowed domains

  • Event protection: only one conversion per touchpoint (click/view) will be tracked (optional)

  • ClickId reuse: Only one conversion per clickId

  • double conversions (order ID must be unique)

  • voucher codes can be configured to belong to partners, and attribution can disallow other partner from using it

  • DataWarehouse as a Service (BigQuery): Access to raw data for individual rules

Compliance fraud

  • Partner Registration Geography

  • Partner Billing Data Validation

  • Ad Space review process

  • Advertiser review process

Bot fraud

  • Bot traffic is filtered automatically and ignored

  • Served to bots or software agents, not real people

Performance Automation Tools

  • Commission Rules allow to put partners into another contract level if they go above and beyond a certain threshold, based on different attributes

Crawler Detection

  • Crawler (like Facebook, Hubspot) generate by accident fake views and clicks, which our system filters automatically