Managing ad media in bulk

Before you start

In most cases, you will be able to manage your day to day ad media management by creating and adding individual ad media items. However, you will often find yourself in a situation in which you want to manage multiple ad media items at the same time, for example when you start a new campaign or when you have created a new advertiser. This article explains you how you can export and edit ad media and how you can upload new or edited ad media in bulk.

Getting started

Make sure you are logged in to your admin UI, go to the advertiser section in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage advertisers’. Find the advertiser which ad media you want to manage in the overview and click on the  icon. If you do so, you will be taken to the main ad media page. Right below the overview of the ad media kit, you will see the following button: . If you click on this button, a page will be displayed that contains two panels: the panel on the left can be used to export ad media, the panel on the left can be used to import ad media.

Exporting ad media

To export ad media in bulk, go the panel on the left. Before you start to export the ad media, you need to select the ad media kit from which you want to export your ad media. Apart from that, you need to select the format of the export file. Possible options are XLS, CSV and XML. When you are ready, hit the button ‘export’ in the lower right corner of the page.

Importing ad medias

You can also create new ad medias in bulk by importing them through the UI. In order to import new ad medias in bulk, you need to go in the panel on the right.

Then you can either click within the panel to search for the import file on your computer, or directly drag the file into the area. The structure of the file must be the same as that of the file you receive when exporting ad medias. You can use the following table as a reference to that structure. Please, note the file can be in any of the following formats: XLS, CSV and XML.

Working with the ad media file

When you export your ad media file, you will find its content is structured as following:








The ID of the advertiser to which the ad media item is related, corresponding with the MID you find in the overview of the advertisers in your platform.



The ID of the ad media item.



The type of the ad media item: banner, text or HTML.



The name of the ad media item.

Product banner 336×280


The width of the ad media item, only relevant for banners and HTML items.



The height of the ad media item, only relevant for banners and HTML items.



The target URL of the ad media item, i.e. the page where potential customers will be directed when they click on the ad media item.


A description of the ad media item, explaining the aim of the item to partners. Please note this field is not mandatory.

This banner supports the best product in our store.


The ID of the ad media kit in which the ad media item is stored.



The URL of the source of the image, only relevant for banners.





The HTML source code of the ad media item, only relevant for HTML.


The text of the ad media item, only relevant for text.

This is a great product!


For more information on the status, please check this overview.

For deleting ad medias write the value: 1