Working with the ad media hosting feature

Before you start

The ad media management on your platform does not allow you to host your ad media. However, it is possible to get a content delivery network (CDN) solution which allows you to host your ad media. This hosting solution will provide the image URLs you can use to create ad media on the platform.

Please note this article is only relevant when the CDN solution has been implemented.

Getting started

As soon as the CDN solution has been implemented, you receive a URL and login credentials. To get started, paste the URL in a browser, fill out your username and password and select the language you want to use for the interface.

If your login is successful, you will see a page looking more or less like this:

The page consists of two panels and a top bar. In the top bar, you will find some settings related to you account. In the panel on the left, you will find a directory tree. With this tree, you can structure the ad media you store on the CDN. The main panel on the right allows you to upload ad media items.

Working with the CDN

Creating a directory

Before you start uploading ad media items, you will probably want to create some directories, so you can keep overview over your ad media. To do so, click on the  icon in the bar of the main panel. If you do so, a window will appear looking more or less like this:

Give you directory a name and make sure you select ‘directory’ under ‘type’. Proceed to click on ‘create’ in the lower right corner of the window.

Please note your new directory will not appear automatically. The CDN needs about 30 seconds to synchronize the servers. To see the new directory, click on the  button in the bar of the main panel after some time. You will see the directory appearing in the directory tree displayed on the left.

Uploading ad media items

Start by selecting the directory in which you want the item to appear by clicking on the directory in the directory tree on the left of your screen. If you do so, the content of the directory will appear in the main panel.

Proceed to click on the  in the bar of the main panel. If you do so, the following window will appear:


As you can see, you can upload up to seven individual items at a time. Just click on ‘browse’ and select the relevant file from your system. You can also upload ZIP files. If you do so, make sure you extract the files: right-click on the file in the main panel and click on ‘extract’ in the menu that pops up.

As with the directories, the ad media items you upload will not be visible immediately. Give the servers a few moments to synchronize and click on . The items will appear in the directory you uploaded them in.

Extracting your image URLs

After you have uploaded ad media items, you will probably want to extract the image URLs, so you can implement the ad media on the platform. Please note you cannot extract the image URLs from the CDN interface. This is because the interface is a secured environment and the image URLs need to be publicly accessible.

Instead, make sure you do the following. Type in the following URL in your browser:[domain].[extension]/deliver/[networkID]

Replace the placeholders for the domain, the extension and the network ID with the data relevant for your platform. If you do so, a page will appear looking more or less like this:

As you can see, the page represents the directory tree you have created will be displayed. All you need to do now is browse through the directories and click on the ad media item you need. The URL of the page on which the image is displayed, is the image URL you need to register on the platform.