All you need to know about currencies


This article explains how the platform deals with different currencies and currency conversion.

In what currency are conversions tracked?

The currency of your conversions depends on the currency in which orders are placed on the website of your advertiser. When you implement a new advertiser, you register this currency under advertiser billing information. Please note you cannot change the currency of an advertiser, because it would change the order value and the commission value of existing conversions.

What currency is used my admin UI?

You define in what currency figures in your admin UI are displayed yourself. You can do this by using the currency menu in the top bar of the admin UI, regardless of the page you are on:

Just scroll over the button and select the currency you need. The platform will then automatically convert all the figures available in the admin UI. Please note the rates used for converting the figures are updated automatically every 24 hours.

What currency is used for the payment of partners?

The currency used for the payment of partners depends on the implementation of your platform. In most cases, separate payment entries will be created for every advertiser the partner is active for. These payment entries will drawn up using the currency registered for the respective advertiser.

When a partner’s earnings for multiple advertisers are combined in a single payment entry, the currency of the entity to which the partner has been assigned is used. In some cases, this will mean figures will be converted to a different currency. If this is indeed the case, the payment entry will be marked with a  icon. If you click on this icon, you will see commission amount in the original currency, the conversion rate and the commission amount in the new currency. What conversion rate is used depends on the implementation of your platform, but in most cases the rate valid on the day you create the payment entry will be used.