What are Transactions?

Transactions are a flexible way to send money between two parties on your platform. You can configure your own Transaction Types in order to cover specific flows.

Read more about how to create transactions, and how to work with them.

What are Transaction Types?

Transaction Types allow you to define your own flows with certain fields and descriptions. Any Transaction will be processed as a specific transaction type which is representing a certain use case.

Read more about how to create transaction types.

What are Transactions and Types used for?

Transactions and their specific types are used for sending money between Advertiser, Partner or Entities. You might want to use Transactions for

  • Invoicing Setup- or Maintenance Fees to Advertiser

  • Spending bonus payments to certain Partner

  • Starting Advertiser accounts with a initial credit

What will be part of Transactions in feature?

We are introducing transactions in iterations. The following features will be added in feature

  • Creating a set of Transactions by File import

  • Automation by transaction schedules

  • Additional filter in managing the transaction overview