Creating a Transaction

Any transaction that you want to create needs to have a specific Creating a Transaction Type. After you have added your Transaction Types, you can choose them for creating a new Transaction

Based on the Transaction Type you have chosen, you need to select the corresponding receiver and sender. The Transaction Type is determining whether you need to choose Advertiser, Partner or Entities.


After you have chosen the transaction type for which a new transaction needs to be created, the following fields needs to be filled.



Sender/ Account

The Advertiser, Partner or Entity which is sending the money. This is determined by the Transaction Type you have chosen.

A list of credit accounts is shown from which the money should be send.

Receiver/ Account

The Advertiser, Partner or Entity which is receiving the money.


The position block is used for calculating the the total amount to be transferred. The calculation is based on the quantity (1,2,3,4…..) and the pricing per unit


Related to the chosen Sender and Receiver, a list of supported tax rates is shown. This is usually containing the VAT tax rate which needs to be applied

Performance period

Any transaction is related to an specific performance period.

Execution date

You can control the execution date of a transaction. Usually immediately, you can also choose a different future date. The transaction will stay in Status “Open” until the execution date. “Immediately” means, the transaction will automatically be executed (status approved/ confirmed)

Additional fields

Based on the Transaction Type, a list of additional fields is shown that you need to fill.