Working with the Transaction Overview

The transaction overview gives you an ability to show and filter your transactions as well as changing the status

How do I show Transactions?

The transaction overview is consist of a main table, containing all transactions in your platform.

Supported Fields

The transaction overview page gives you a list of transaction, containing the following main fields:



Date created

Indicates the date when the transaction was created

Transaction type

The name of the type of this transaction


The person who sends this transaction


The person who receives the transaction


The amount of this transaction (without tax)


Indicates the current status of the transaction:
Open, Rejected, Approved, Confirmed and Billed

How do I filter Transactions?

The transaction filter panel is containing several filter options which will be enhanced in feature. The current set of options allows you to filter by Date, Transaction Type and Status.

How do I change the status of a Transaction?

Based an the execution date that you can chose by creating a new Transaction, any transaction will be executed either immediately or later. You can change the status by your own as long as the transaction is not billed which is also indicated by an own status.

Changing one specific transaction

In order to change the status of one specific transaction, you need to click on the specific transaction. You can now change the status by clicking on the status icon which is offered in the detailed panel.

Changing multiple transactions

In order to change the status for multiple, you need to select the transactions to be changed. You can now chose a new status based on your