ℹ️ Release Notes 2021


December 13, 2021

IMPROVED Billing information for Advertiser

We have improved the form for Advertiser billing information.

Menu: Partnerships -> Advertiser -> Billing information

IMPROVED Tag configurator

The tag configurator has been improved and allows configuring and testing several Tracking tags (Onpage, Conversion, Browser, Server-2-Server).

  • Validation and example data
    Generate Tags with random example data and used them for all placeholders.
    You can validate your generated Tag in order to ensure that tracking will work.

  • Copy to clipboard
    You can copy the generated tag into your clipboard to use them immediately. And you can control whether the tag is using comments or not.

  • eCommerce
    Using a basket for the transmission and remuneration of various products within a conversion. A position can now contain new fields for stock keeping unit, discount, shipping and tax.

Menu: Trail -> Tracking tags

December 10, 2021

NEW FEATURE System generated default API keys introduced

Until now, every new user who wanted to leverage the Ingenious APIs needed to create their API keys manually. With the increasing demand of API usage due to our public network customers, we removed that step and introduce system generated default API keys.

Every user now has a default API key. This key is also used for all UI exports (creatives, voucher, product data, conversions, …). This means that you can use these links directly to automate your exports.

Menu: Access -> Credentials

November 23, 2021

IMPROVED Enable Analytics in Self-Service

Until now, enabling Insights Analytics could only be done by Ingenious Account Managers. We extended our Ingenious Access Management (IAM) so that users who possess the permission can now enable the functionality for an Advertiser in on their own (self-service).

IMPROVED Enable Single Touch Attribution Manager in Self-Service

Until now, enabling Trail Single Touch Attribution (STA) Manager could only be done by Ingenious Account Managers. We extended our Ingenious Access Management (IAM) so that users who possess the permission can now enable the functionality for an Advertiser in on their own (self-service).

November 01, 2021

NEW FEATURE New API documentation

Partner Marketing is all about automation. Using our API you can automate recurring tasks like campaign management, sales validation, and more. We took the time to improve our OpenAPI specification, and use a new documentation system RapiDoc to generate the documentation.

API separation

We now separate the API documentation into three difference areas: Platform, Agency, and Partner.

Execute API calls directly from the documentation

A new powerful feature is, that you can enter your API key into the documentation, and try out all API calls directly from the docs:


Platform-independent documentation

All customers can access their API documentation on their custom domain. However, in order to simplify the integration of Ingenious with the Marketing ecosystem, we now support a unified API on the domain https://api.ingenious.cloud. This API works with all platform-specific API-keys from all platforms. It also has it’s own documentation for Platform, Agency, and Partner APIs.


Default Response Headers

We extended our API gateway to include three new HTTP Response headers, so you can ensure that you use the right platform. This is especially useful for Tool-vendors who want to integrate with Ingenious platforms.

ig-network-id: 216 ig-network-logo-url: https://img.net.ingenioustechnologies.com/uploaded/logo/614c965015b24_Ingeniousdoubleline20212000x825.png ig-network-name: Ingenious Technologies

Link to the API documentation

All of your Users (Admins, Advertisers, Partners) can find the link to the respective API documentation in their Access menu.

October 15, 2021

FIXED Voucher Export (vouchers)

The voucher export had contained tracking urls for inactive or not existing partnerships. We have fixed this.

October 08, 2021

IMPROVED Conversions with external reference (UUID)

The tracking parameter uniqid allows to track Conversions with a valid UUID. This allows you to query or validate those Conversions easily.

Read more bout using this in tracking implementation or in validation of Conversions


IMPROVED Conversions basket tracking

We are supporting now external identifiers for positions in basket tracking. With these new params, you can submit the id / uuid for basket positions. Read more about the general basket tracking and the basket format in this article

September 28, 2021

New feature Product data feed api endpoint

We had several requests asking how to query product data feeds of an advertiser and get more information about its config and execution data.

This endpoint uses IQL (Ingenious Query Language) which you will find more information about here.

Septemper 21, 2021

NEW FEATURE Advertiser Explorer: Promotion country filter

Partners can now filter Advertisers by their promotion country.

Septemper 15, 2021

IMPROVED Manage Advertiser: Filter for phase

Advertiser List can now be separately filtered by the phase of the advertiser i.e. ‘testing’, ‘phase out´. You can find the filter next to the advertiser status filter.

Septemper 2, 2021

NEW FEATURE Advertiser Explorer: Default tracking link for Partners

Partner can now copy the default tracking link directly from the Advertiser Explorer. There is just one click needed to load the link onto the clipboard.

September 01, 2021

IMPROVED XML product feed mapping

It was previously not possible to upload a xml feed that had the same tag in different levels because we only used the tag name to map the value.

Now we use the whole path to the tag as its mapping-name.

The following schema can now be used without any data loss and confusion regarding the names (price vs. shipping_price)

<item> ... <price>10</price> <shipping> <price>3</price> ... </shipping> </item>

August 20, 2021

IMPROVED Advertiser Export: More data and improved filtering

The classical export of Advertiser on partner side has been improved. By the context of an Adspace, the export of Advertiser is now containing a complete set of data as well as a default tracking click url. This will support your Partner by implementing tracking urls.

IMPROVED Advertiser Explorer: Filtering by relationship status

The Advertiser Explorer has been improved by a higher performance as well as new filter for the relationship. The new filter for relationship status allows your partner to search for Advertiser still not applied or within an active relationship etc.

August 16, 2021

IMPROVED Preview for Advertiser Invoices: Have a CSV Export with details

We have added a CSV download which allows you to see all Conversions, Views, Clicks as well as Transaction, that you have selected for invoicing the advertiser.

August 06, 2021

FIXED Device Id on server to server conversions in reports

Server to server conversions themselves do not contain device information so the device id on them was always set to “desktop“ in analytic reports.

Now the device id of the most appropriate user journey touchpoint is applied on server to server conversions.

Optional you can provide the appropriate device id using a parameter called 'device_type' set to one of supported device id values: “mobile“, “tablet“, “desktop“

Read more…

August 05, 2021

NEW FEATURE Safe time with automatic confirmation by default

A default time for automatic confirmation of a Conversion can now be defined in commission models. This allows you to run the automatic confirmation for all Conversions except for those with a specific configuration in your Commission Model.

NEW FEATURE Voucher now contain trackable landing-page links

Vouchers to be used by partners for promotion of campaigns now contain tracking click links, which removes the need for your partners to create a deeplink to the landing-page manually. If a voucher does not have a dedicated landing-page, the default landing-page of the advertiser is used. Also the voucher-export now contains those tracking click links.

IMPROVED Remove the grid-view for adspaces in favor to the table view

We removed the adspace grid view in favor to the table view to optimize usability for partners with a large number of adspaces.

August 04, 2021

FIXED Upload of multiple hosted creatives

We had a small bug where the upload of multiple hosted creatives was no longer working as expected and only creating one creative. It is now fixed.

August 03, 2021

FIXED Traffic rating for deactivated Creatives

Click and View rating was not applied for traffic with deactivated Creatives.

August 02, 2021

IMPROVED Commission period name in admin export

We added a column called ‘period_name’ to the admin commission model export.

July 30, 2021

NEW FEATURE  Server-Side Webhooks: modifying parameters using regular expressions

You can now manipulate parameters forwarded via Webhooks using regular expressions . For detailed information please read the documentation.

July 29, 2021

New menu navigation

We created a new menu-structure as well as a new navigation type:

The new structure reflects the Ingenious products and was inspired by customer feedback. We made all tools that were previously only to reach through the advertiser manager, available in the menu.

We save the last selected advertiser and make it the default whenever opening another mask where an advertiser selection is needed. You can change the advertiser by clicking on it in the breadcrumb.

Instead of two levels we now have three levels. Also the levels will not be visible all the time but instead only open up on hover and disappear again on a click to either a menu point or the grey-ish space next to it.

We prepared a more in-depth article of the changes: https://ingenioustechnologies.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/2917400579 .

July 26, 2021

NEW FEATURE Server-Side Webhooks: basket array

We implemented a new way to submit basket data in server side webhooks: You can now iterate over the baskets and access its fields to send them as ordered lists, e.g.: yourcode.tracking.org?basket=#{BASKET_ARRAY_BEGIN separator='|'}#{BASKET_VALUE_pid}#{BASKET_ARRAY_END} 

For further explanation and all possible parameters please read the documentation.

July 12, 2021


FIXED Ad-Blockers can severely influence the operation of the user interface. The Ad-Blocker-Detector responsible for informing users about activated ad blockers stopped working a while ago. It is fixed now.

July 9, 2021


FIXED Under circumstances of some browser, you were not able to add dashboard widgets to your dashboards. We fixed this issue, so you can overwatch the performance of your partnerships again with your flexible and individual dashboards.


IMPROVED Exports revealed some unnecessary info messages inside downloaded documents when there was no data available. We figured these are irritating and make programming automated integrations harder, so we removed them.

IMPROVED Some Exports stated that there is the possibility, that there was a limit to the amount of data being loaded by a single export. This is not the case, so we removed this message.

IMPROVED For all exports we removed an artificial limit of 100 days for time ranges.

June 29, 2021

IMPROVED Product data feeds

  • improved support for zipped feeds

  • more meaningful error messages

  • the feed id is now visible in the feed table in the ui

  • we now use the user agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/37.0.2049.0 Safari/537.36 (i19s.com) when loading your feeds.

June 22, 2021

IMProVED Preview Mode on ad space TCF settings
Now you can use tracking https://ingenioustechnologies.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/2235498513 to validate all combinations of TCF parameters when TCF Setup Mode is activated for the ad space

Read more…

June 16, 2021

NEW FEATURE Conversion Requests

Would you like to allow your platform partner to raise a request regarding conversions?

We are introducing a new feature that will allow you to do the following:

  • Allow your partners or other platform users to make a request concerning conversions. This will enable partners to actively intervene on conversions for the first time.

  • Manage the requests with the Conversion Request Explorer or use the Conversion Request Import for file uploads.

  • We enable both "create new conversions" and "modify existing conversions" with full access to all relevant data.

  • The status of a conversion request shows the current process status such as "requested", "accepted" or "processed". This provides the essential communication between requesting users and "decision makers".

  • Full access to the conversion to change values such as amount, status, goal, category, auto-approval time, and any other fields of a conversion.

Read more

  • Please have a look to our documentation to learn more about that new feature.

  • A new lesson regarding to this new feature is also available in our Ingenious Learning Platform (ILP)

IMPROVED New compatible Export in Conversion Overview for Conversion Requests
There is a new Export available in Conversion Overview, which allows you to change Conversions by Conversion Requests. That means, you can use all filter for Conversions in order to export these data in a format, ready for Conversion Requests.

Please read this article for more information about that.

Deprecated Conversion Export/Import

Please notice that the Conversion Export/Import will be marked as deprecated and is going to be replaced by Conversion Requests. Please read this article for more information about the differences between this classical feature and Conversion Request.

June 15, 2021

IMPROVED Expired vouchers are no longer displayed for partners.

Mai 26, 2021


IMProVED We have introduced a new tax case for the Canary Islands ("IGIC")

IMProVED We have optimised our processes. Conversions are now visible more quickly in the UI.

Mai 21, 2021


FIXED We have implemented a fix so that you can use conversion targets & tracking categories with IQL correctly.

IMProVED Significantly improved performance in Relationship Explorer for Users that have access to many relationships.

Mai 21, 2021

IMProVED We have improved the query speed when resolving user permissions

April 21, 2021


We have added some missing fields with conversion data in UI and Exports.

IMProVED Partner UI - Conversions

  • The Id of category and targets are now shown in conversion overview

IMProVED Partner UI - Exports

  • Added columns ‘conversion_target_id’, ‘timezone’ to the Conversion Export

  • Added columns ‘conversion_target_id’, ‘conversion_product_category_id’, ‘timezone’, ‘status’ to the Touchpoint Export

IMProVED Admin UI - Exports

  • Added column ‘total_fee’, ‘timezone’ to the Conversion Export

  • Added column ‘conversion_uniqid’, ‘timezone’ to the Touchpoint Export

April 9, 2021

IMProVED Preview Mode on onpage clicks / conversions
You can let onpage clicks and conversions be called in Preview Mode using an internal preview cookie, which can be set manually before testing and should be removed afterwards.

All tracking requests with this cookie set are called as in Preview Mode, so you can just load the landing page to check onpage clicks, or make a test purchase to see the attribution results immediately.

Read more…

March 25, 2021

IMPROVED API conversion/list, basket positions

This change will improve the usage of our Endpoint get/conversion/list which allows querying for conversions in finance.

The current optional parameter withBasket for showing the basket position will be not necessary any more. The basket detail object will be part of the complete result.

The withBasket-Parameter is not necessary any longer for showing the basket position


March 16, 2021

FIXED Show correct commission model in new advertiser explorer

In some situations, we only showed the default commission model of the advertiser in the advertiser dashboard. With this release we show the correct commission model assigned to the relationship/contract between Adspace and Advertiser.

March 15, 2021

IMPROVED Admin & Partner UI menu optimisation

  • In the partner UI we introduced a new main menu Finance where we focus all financial process related menu points

    • Conversions

    • Billing (direct access to billing data which was available in the user dropdown)

    • Payment entries (direct access to payment entries which was available in the user dropdown)

  • In the admin UI we moved the Conversion Errors menu from Reporting to Finance

March 04, 2021

IMPROVED Commission and Fee API - UTC hours
Our API-endpoints to manage commission and fee are now supporting date times in UTC on a hourly base.

FIXED Support for negativ position amount and commission calculation

We have changed the logic for basket rating to calculate commission based on negativ amounts.

FIXED Creating conversions in status 'confirmed'

A conversion that was created in status ‘confirmed’ by package import could not be invoiced later. We removed this restriction.

March 03, 2021

IMPROVED Some improvements for your daily work

  • in reporting and analytics we are using the complete available width of the screen

  • the dashboard template has a smaller selection and icons

  • in finance the presentation of periods for commission models is using the complete screen

  • a reference to docs.i19s.com is available in the footer and all other places

  • make product data feed mapping dialog/popup use more width of the screen

February 19, 2021

FIXED API: Fix in pricing models - commission and fee periods
In certain cases, it was not possible to create new periods for commission or fee via API.

February 1, 2021


NEW FEATURE Advertiser Explorer and Profile for Partner UI

The new Advertiser Explorer is available on the Partner platform from now on. It will replace the old Program catalogue soon.

It makes it easier for partners to discover advertisers due to tons of new filters.

We've added attributes and performance metrics to aid in the decision-making of the partners to choose with which advertiser they want to work with.

For example you can filter by certain attributes of an advertiser: only show me advertisers that offer a product data feed and use first party tracking. And then sort to see the advertisers with the highest EPC first.

Platform administrators can enable the Advertiser Explorer for all partners in your platform configuration settings. For more information on the Explorer please read our documentation.

January 28, 2020


IMPROVED Product Data Feed improvements

We fixed some problems with our product data feed processing:

  • Even though the Quoting settings was visible in the ui it was not working properly, now it does!

  • We now support spaces in the header cells.

  • For some feeds we blocked the resource we wanted to download which lead to failures, this is also fixed by now.

Januar 22, 2021

IMPROVED On Partner UI: Speed up of conversion overview search form
By improving the loading behaviour of some filter elements, the complete form is loading faster now. Especially for Partner with a very high number of advertiser relationships, this form was loading slower.

FIXED On Partner UI: Extended search for conversion sub Ids
It was not possible to search for conversions by using one of the additional partner sub Ids (1-6).

Januar 5, 2021


NEW FEATURE Relationship Explorer for Partner UI

The relationship explorer is the first part of our new ui that we made available on both partner and agency side. The features are limited on partner side, but it still gives a good overview of your applications and existing relationships. You can enable it in your platform configuration settings. For more information on the explorer please read our documentation.


NEW FEATURE Tracking URL Preview Mode

You can check any tracking URL (ad impression, click, conversion, CAD) calling it in preview mode. A preview tracking request will be processed as closely as possible to the regular one. No request processing results are stored or counted. Processing results will be sent back as a JSON object containing all input parameters and calculated values like redirecting location URL and error information.

You can call any tracking URL in preview mode just adding at the end: https://...&preview_mode=1

Read more…



Please see https://ingenioustechnologies.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/2884534338


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