Creating a partner referral program


If you want to recruite affiliate partners for the platform or for specific advertisers, you can create a so called partner referral program. This program allows you to reward existing partners that recruite new partners. The platform offers you an infrastructure for such a program. If you want to use it, all you have to do is activate it.

Before you start

To organize your partner referral program, you can either create a new, separate advertiser or add your partner referral program to an existing advertiser. The last option is obviously less laborious, however, it will pollute the data of your advertiser because conversions related to the partner referral program will be included.

Activate the referral program

Basic configuration

Make sure you go through the following steps:

  • Choose whether you want to use an existing advertiser or create a separate advertiser for your partner referral program. To create a separate advertiser, make sure you follow the instructions for the advertiser setup in this article. Do not create any conversion targets or product categories. You also do not need to configure and implement tracking tags.

  • Click on ‘configuration’ in the administration section and proceed to click on ‘platform’ in the sub-navigation menu. Scroll down on the page you seen now until you see a section called ‘partner referral program’.

  • Activate the tick box next to ‘enable partner referral program’. If you do so, you will find that the other options in the section will no longer be greyed out.

  • Proceed to select the advertiser you want to use for your partner referral program. To select your advertiser, you can use the advertiser filter type to choose whether you want to display the advertisers on your platform in a list or select them using a search box.

As soon as you activate the partner referral program, a conversion target called ‘partner registration’ will be created for the advertiser you use for the program. The tracking category used for the partner referral program is the default category.

Creating ad media

Once you have activated your partner referral project, all that’s left to do is create some ad media via which your partners can start to recruit new partners. Please make sure you go through the following steps:

  • Go to ‘advertiser’ in the main navigation menu and proceed to click on ‘manage advertisers’. Find the advertiser to which your partner referral program is connected and go to the advertiser description by clicking on the  icon.

  • On the page you see now, you will find a partner registration link pretty much on top. This is the link to the page via which your partners can register for your platform and apply for a specific advertiser. For more information, please read this article. Make sure you copy the link and include the MID parameter.

  • Go back to ‘manage advertisers’ and find the advertiser to which your partner referral program is connected. Go to the ad media section by clicking on the  icon.

  • Create an ad media kit and use the link to the registration page as a target URL. For detailed instructions on how to create an ad media kit, please read this article.

  • Once you have created the kit, make sure you create at least one ad media item in the new kit, preferably a text link. You can add banners later. For detailed instructions on how to create ad media items, please read this article.

In case you want your partners to recruit new partners for multiple advertisers, the best thing to do is to copy the partner registration links and make sure you have all the MIDs of the relevant advertisers. The MID can be found in the first column of the page from which you manage your advertisers. Whenever you create an ad media kit for one of the advertiser, you fill out the corresponding MID in the MID-parameter. Alternatively, you can remove the MID-parameter from the link to the registration page. If you do this, partners will have to select the advertiser for which they want to apply on the registration page manually.

Partner distribution

To start recruiting new partners, all your existing partners have to do is take the ad media item you’ve created from their partner UI and implement it on their ad spaces. Traffic will be led to the partner registration page and attributed to the partner. You can use the news items or a newsletter to announce the partner referral program.