ℹ️ Release Notes 2023



December 15, 2023 - Conversion Tag IMPROVED

Alternatively to amc you can simply provide the adspace id of the click URL via which the conversion was generated.. The full amc value is then generated automatically.


Read more;

November 15, 2023 - Relationship Explorer IMPROVED

Before this update, we only displayed relationships of activated advertisers. However, with the latest update, it is now possible to filter by advertiser status or completely remove the status filter.

October 20, 2023 - GTM / sGTM Templates

In this release, we’ve improved the type safety and basket functionality. You’ll appreciate seamless header forwarding by server-side templates. We've introduced a new variable template to convert a basket into i19s.

All templates are now available on our i19s GitHub for a smoother and safer experience.

October 05, 2023 - Table Styling Enhancements IMPROVED

We're excited to introduce styling enhancements to tables in this release:

  1. Vertical Lines Between Cells: Improved visual separation for better data clarity.

  2. Sticky Headers: Column labels stay visible while scrolling, making navigation smoother.

No action needed; these enhancements apply across all tables in the app.

October 10, 2023 - Tracking Category Form

Due to a cleanup in the tracking category formula, we have removed some unused and misleading fields.


July 5, 2023 - Conversion Overview: CustomerId IMPROVED

The already provided Tracking parameter value for customerId [csi] is now part of the Conversion Overview and shown in the additional data panel. You can use the search and export Conversions by using one ore many customerIds.

We have also added the customerId to the Conversion Request format which allows to create and update the customerId field in Conversions.


June 15, 2023 - domain monitoring and management NEW FEATURE

We are excited to introduce the new "Domains" feature in our documentation, offering a comprehensive overview and management tool for your custom domains, including tracking domains. With this feature, you can effortlessly ensure the proper functioning of your domains, check DNS settings, and track domain usage, all within a user-friendly interface.

The feature includes filters for easy navigation and provides details such as creation and update dates, reachability, DNS status, usage, and domain status. You can modify the status or delete domains as needed.

The tool can be found under Access > Domains

Planned features that are soon to come:

  • UI for ordering custom domains and tracking domains (incl SSL certificates)

  • Billing-View and Report

Read more here

June 13, 2023 - Traefik integrated in infrastructure NEW FEATURE

We are pleased to announce that we have integrated Traefik into our infrastructure, bolstering SSL/TLS automation capabilities. With Traefik, the process of managing SSL/TLS certificates is now automated, ensuring secure communication within the infrastructure.

Traefik's integration with Let's Encrypt enables the automatic acquisition and renewal of SSL/TLS certificates, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This streamlines certificate management and guarantees that all services are consistently secured.

The dynamic configuration and service discovery features of Traefik facilitate the seamless integration of new backend services, adapting to the evolving nature of Ingenious Technologies' environment. Load balancing functionality optimizes resource utilization by efficiently distributing incoming traffic across multiple instances of backend services.

By adopting Traefik, Ingenious Technologies reinforces its commitment to automation and security, ensuring a reliable and secure infrastructure for its clients.

June 8, 2023 - Get your data from Heuston Gaming into Ingenious

We're happy to provide an automated connection between the Ingenious Marketing Platform and Heuston Gaming.

Registrations and commercial events are automatically imported in the Ingenious Platform and attributed to the corresponding partners by using our new import process for server side data.

You are looking for further connections to bring your data into Ingenious? Give us a call. We are thrilled to bring your data into the Ingenious Marketing Platform!


June 09, 2023 - Mobile friendly Beta UI for partners NEW FEATURE

We are thrilled to announce the beta release of our new Partner UI, featuring an enhanced mobile-friendly experience. Enjoy a responsive design that seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes.

You can access the new ui via the “Try the new UI“ menu point.

Please note that this is a beta release, and while we have extensively tested the new mobile-friendly features, there might still be occasional glitches or minor issues.

Pages in the new UI are still being migrated from the classic UI. If you can't find a page you're looking for, try the classic UI. Further, several pages and the general layout of this UI have been rebuilt in a mobile-friendly fashion. Some are still missing and are soon to come. You can switch back to the classic UI by clicking the button in the header.

March 30, 2023 - Advertiser tracking domain prefix IMPROVED

Before this update, the system only permitted setting tracking domain prefixes that were at least three characters long. However, with the latest update, it is now possible to select prefixes with only one character.

March 29, 2023 - Product Feeds caching optimisation NEW FEATURE

The Product Data Feed system until now supports regular intervals (4/8/12 times per day) for importing feeds from Advertisers. However, for certain partnership types like price comparison sites, time delay for the update time of single products in feeds is important. We are pleased to introduce a new feature to our Product Data Feed system which allows faster feed updates if the Advertiser’s system supports caching.

The feature can be enabled per individual feed. You can now enable “caching optimisation” in the product feed settings if the Advertiser’s feed system supports either ETag or Last-Modified headers for caching. While this option is enabled, the Ingenious system will attempt to update the feed multiple times per hour and ignore the usual update interval.

Please be aware that enabling this option will do nothing if your feed download does not support caching at all.



March 23, 2023 - Get your data from Aspire Global into Ingenious

We're happy to provide a connection between the Ingenious Marketing Platform and Aspire Global.
When connecting, customer can get registration and deposit events by using our new import process for server side data.
You are looking for further connections to bring your data into Ingenious? Give us a call. We are thrilled to bring your data into the Ingenious Marketing Platform.

What data can I get from the Aspire Global Gaming Platform?

Read more: aspireglobal.com

March 10, 2023 - Extensions of the Data Warehouse

Added Key Account Manager ID to Partner table

We have added the ID of the Key Account Manager to the Partners table. Now it is possible to retrieve the Key Account Managers, for example to notify them by email. We have added an example in the Knowledge Base:

Added Voucher Codes table

Advertisers on the platform can provide voucher codes. We now added them to the data warehouse. The example you can find in our Knowledge Base:

March 8, 2023 - Advertiser Billing: Enhanced validation IMPROVED

Invoices entries are now grouped into different buckets for Success, Invalid and Deactivated which based on the new enhanced billing data check. Choose one of these three buckets to list all corresponding invoice entries in the preview step of the advertiser billing. You can easily jump to the configuration page of advertiser billing data by clicking the advertiser Id (mid).


As a Partner, if you're looking for Creatives but don't have a Relationship with an Advertiser yet, simply click on the link that we just fixed and it will take you directly to our Advertiser Explorer. From there, you can easily browse and find the perfect advertiser to meet your needs to then look for Creatives for your Adspace.

February 16, 2022 - Default Comments for Conversions IMPROVED

Conversion Comments

We are introducing Comments for Conversions to improve the way how you can communicate to your partner.
A comment will be shown and translated to the partner beside the conversion status and consists of a code (e. g. ALREADY_TRACKED, WRONG_PARTNER... ) as well as a title and description that is translated into several platform languages.

Leave a comment for status changes

Especially for rejections, it make sense to describe your intention.
Use the pre-defined comments or write your own comment / conversion note when you changes the status of a Conversion.

Filter for comments
You can also use the filter to select conversions by a specific comment. The same filter is also available on partner side too.

February 06, 2022 - Problem with Filter Inputs FIXED

We fixed a problem that occured when typing “O” in filter inputs (e.g. when filter for Advertiser in Relationship Explorer) which previously cleared the input.

January 19, 2023 - Translation of Advertiser name and description FIXED

The name and description of an Advertiser were always in the advertiser' language.
Now, we show the English title and description for all other user languages.

January 16, 2023 - Product data Import: New error type and message IMPROVED

A line in the CSV exceeded the maximum allowed characters. Last processed line XXX. You will see this message when a line in the imported CSV exceeds the internal limit for maximum allowed characters per line. Usually this happens when there is an unclosed quotation character in the specified line.

January 10, 2023

Conversion Requests: Improved by less entry barriers IMPROVED

Raising of new requests is now easier by changing some important fields to not mandatory ones.
You can now skip the Target-Id or Category-Id. An account manager can chosse them later.



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