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June 16, 2021

NEW FEATURE Conversion Requests

Would you like to allow your platform partner to raise a request regarding conversions?

We are introducing a new feature that will allow you to do the following:

  • Allow your partners or other platform users to make a request concerning conversions. This will enable partners to actively intervene on conversions for the first time.

  • Manage the requests with the Conversion Request Explorer or use the Conversion Request Import for file uploads.

  • We enable both "create new conversions" and "modify existing conversions" with full access to all relevant data.

  • The status of a conversion request shows the current process status such as "requested", "accepted" or "processed". This provides the essential communication between requesting users and "decision makers".

  • Full access to the conversion to change values such as revenue, status, goal, category, auto-approval time, and any other fields of a conversion.

Read more

  • Please have a look to our documentation to learn more about that new feature.

  • A new lesson regarding to this new feature is also available in our Ingenious Learning Platform (ILP)

IMPROVED New compatible Export in Conversion Overview for Conversion Requests
There is a new Export available in Conversion Overview, which allows you to change Conversions by Conversion Requests. That means, you can use all filter for Conversions in order to export these data in a format, ready for Conversion Requests.

Please read this article for more information about that.

Deprecated Conversion Export/Import

Please notice that the Conversion Export/Import will be marked as deprecated and is going to be replaced by Conversion Requests. Please read this article for more information about the differences between this classical feature and Conversion Request.

June 15, 2021

IMPROVED Expired vouchers are no longer displayed for partners.

Mai 26, 2021


IMProVED We have introduced a new tax case for the Canary Islands ("IGIC")

IMProVED We have optimised our processes. Conversions are now visible more quickly in the UI.

Mai 21, 2021


FIXED We have implemented a fix so that you can use conversion targets & tracking categories with IQL correctly.

IMProVED Significantly improved performance in Relationship Explorer for Users that have access to many relationships.

Mai 21, 2021

IMProVED We have improved the query speed when resolving user permissions

April 21, 2021


We have added some missing fields with conversion data in UI and Exports.

IMProVED Partner UI - Conversions

  • The Id of category and targets are now shown in conversion overview

IMProVED Partner UI - Exports

  • Added columns ‘conversion_target_id’, ‘timezone’ to the Conversion Export

  • Added columns ‘conversion_target_id’, ‘conversion_product_category_id’, ‘timezone’, ‘status’ to the Touchpoint Export

IMProVED Admin UI - Exports

  • Added column ‘total_fee’, ‘timezone’ to the Conversion Export

  • Added column ‘conversion_uniqid’, ‘timezone’ to the Touchpoint Export

April 9, 2021

IMProVED Preview Mode on onpage clicks / conversions
You can let onpage clicks and conversions be called in Preview Mode using an internal preview cookie, which can be set manually before testing and should be removed afterwards.

All tracking requests with this cookie set are called as in Preview Mode, so you can just load the landing page to check onpage clicks, or make a test purchase to see the attribution results immediately.

Read more…

March 25, 2021

IMPROVED API conversion/list, basket positions

This change will improve the usage of our Endpoint get/conversion/list which allows querying for conversions in finance.

The current optional parameter withBasket for showing the basket position will be not necessary any more. The basket detail object will be part of the complete result.

The withBasket-Parameter is not necessary any longer for showing the basket position


March 16, 2021

FIXED Show correct commission model in new advertiser explorer

In some situations, we only showed the default commission model of the advertiser in the advertiser dashboard. With this release we show the correct commission model assigned to the relationship/contract between Adspace and Advertiser.

March 15, 2021

IMPROVED Admin & Partner UI menu optimisation

  • In the partner UI we introduced a new main menu Finance where we focus all financial process related menu points

    • Conversions

    • Billing (direct access to billing data which was available in the user dropdown)

    • Payment entries (direct access to payment entries which was available in the user dropdown)

  • In the admin UI we moved the Conversion Errors menu from Reporting to Finance

March 04, 2021

IMPROVED Commission and Fee API - UTC hours
Our API-endpoints to manage commission and fee are now supporting date times in UTC on a hourly base.

FIXED Support for negativ position amount and commission calculation

We have changed the logic for basket rating to calculate commission based on negativ amounts.

FIXED Creating conversions in status 'confirmed'

A conversion that was created in status ‘confirmed’ by package import could not be invoiced later. We removed this restriction.

March 03, 2021

IMPROVED Some improvements for your daily work

  • in reporting and analytics we are using the complete available width of the screen

  • the dashboard template has a smaller selection and icons

  • in finance the presentation of periods for commission models is using the complete screen

  • a reference to docs.i19s.com is available in the footer and all other places

  • make product data feed mapping dialog/popup use more width of the screen

February 19, 2021

FIXED API: Fix in pricing models - commission and fee periods
In certain cases, it was not possible to create new periods for commission or fee via API.

February 1, 2021


NEW FEATURE Advertiser Explorer and Profile for Partner UI

The new Advertiser Explorer is available on the Partner platform from now on. It will replace the old Program catalogue soon.

It makes it easier for partners to discover advertisers due to tons of new filters.

We've added attributes and performance metrics to aid in the decision-making of the partners to choose with which advertiser they want to work with.

For example you can filter by certain attributes of an advertiser: only show me advertisers that offer a product data feed and use first party tracking. And then sort to see the advertisers with the highest EPC first.

Platform administrators can enable the Advertiser Explorer for all partners in your platform configuration settings. For more information on the Explorer please read our documentation.

January 28, 2020


IMPROVED Product Data Feed improvements

We fixed some problems with our product data feed processing:

  • Even though the Quoting settings was visible in the ui it was not working properly, now it does!

  • We now support spaces in the header cells.

  • For some feeds we blocked the resource we wanted to download which lead to failures, this is also fixed by now.

Januar 22, 2021

IMPROVED On Partner UI: Speed up of conversion overview search form
By improving the loading behaviour of some filter elements, the complete form is loading faster now. Especially for Partner with a very high number of advertiser relationships, this form was loading slower.

FIXED On Partner UI: Extended search for conversion sub Ids
It was not possible to search for conversions by using one of the additional partner sub Ids (1-6).

Januar 5, 2021


NEW FEATURE Relationship Explorer for Partner UI

The relationship explorer is the first part of our new ui that we made available on both partner and agency side. The features are limited on partner side, but it still gives a good overview of your applications and existing relationships. You can enable it in your platform configuration settings. For more information on the explorer please read our documentation.


NEW FEATURE Tracking URL Preview Mode

You can check any tracking URL (ad impression, click, conversion, CAD) calling it in preview mode. A preview tracking request will be processed as closely as possible to the regular one. No request processing results are stored or counted. Processing results will be sent back as a JSON object containing all input parameters and calculated values like redirecting location URL and error information.

You can call any tracking URL in preview mode just adding at the end: https://...&preview_mode=1

Read more…



December 14, 2020


NEW FEATURE Insights Datawarehouse contains user data

  • We have continued to synchronise data from our Ingenious systems with our data warehouse. It is now possible for authorised users to retrieve user data from their platforms.

  • The table "user" can be explored via the Google BigQuery Console.

December 03, 2020


IMPROVED Newsletter Performance

To increase the performance of the newsletter system we have introduced a restriction. It is no longer possible to send newsletters with embedded images that are approx. 1kB in size. It is always possible to include larger images by using a link.

November 23, 2020


It is now possible to activate TCFv2.0 for a platform. The platform owner has to contact the Ingenious customer support. You can use Ingenious TCFv2.0 vendor ID or specify your own if you are registered on TCF as a vendor.

As a partner you now have the possibility to activate the TCFv2.0 functionality per ad space and choose between setup and restrictive mode. With the setup mode the correct macros for the tracking links will be generated and attached to your tracking links. Restrictive mode additionally applies TCF policies to the way we store and process tracking requests. The control appears on the ad space edit page as soon as TCFv2.0 is activated for the platform.

The current on-page code for advertisers also contains two optional parameters to communicate TCF consent to Ingenious Platform.

Read more…

November 4, 2020


NEW FEATURE Account Statements (BETA)

As a platform owner you can now track account changes for Advertiser and Partner on the new Account Statements page. In this BETA-Version, also Advertiser will have access into their own credit account.

Here is what you can expect:

  • An overview of the current account balance of the account

  • View all balance changes in the selected period in chronological order

  • Detailed information on sender and receiver as well as additional details

October 20, 2020

IMPROVED UI performance

  • All user interfaces will load faster. We identified a general UI bottleneck in our session handling and removed this handbrake. All user interfaces benefit from this release significantly.

October 12, 2020

IMPROVED Reporting performance

  • Some customers experienced slow reporting responses. In some rare cases, the UI didn’t respond at all.
    Most of these cases have been solved.

  • We also increased reporting performance for customers with high amounts of data.

October 09, 2020

IMPROVED On-page code extensions 

Referrer Policy

Since Chrome Version 85 privacy-enhanced default referrer policies, some customers had increasing issues with tracking accuracy because the referrer was cut off. We solved this problem by sending of the document URL in a parameter to our Trail Application. This makes the tracking independent from referrer policy and enables advertisers to enhance their security by using of stricter referrer policy settings. To activate this improvement, please refresh your on-page code. Read more …

Optional TCFv2.0 parameters added

As part of the coming TCFv2.0 support we added two optional parameters to communicate TCF consent to Ingenious Platform. The Trail Application accepts and stores the consent data submitted by on-page click or conversion code. The customisation in UI and request filtering is currently in development, we will inform you in good time before the restriction becomes active. Read more …

October 07, 2020

IMPROVED Relationship applications

If you use your Ingenious platform as a public network, your partner applications to your advertisers now contain detailed adspace and partner to judge the application before accepting it.

September 23, 2020

FIXED Programs

The program overview for partners shows now all programs unfiltered. No matter which ad space is selected all programs are shown.

August 21, 2020

IMPROVED Messaging

The email templates for Deposit, Invoice and Partner Credit Notes templates allow now to provide the URL for the download of the PDF document directly from the email.

August 21, 2020

IMPROVED Partner Dashboard

On partner dashboard, we are showing all figures with two decimals instead rounding 

FIXED Financial Documents in CET/CEST

In your financial documents like advertiser invoices or partner payouts, the former presentation of date/time values in UTC have been changed into CET/CES

August 14, 2020

IMPROVED Financial Documents - Templates migrated

All document templates has been migrated to the new layout

IMPROVED Financial Documents - Default templates

If a document template is not specified, an appropriate system template will apply. Read more about templates

August 12, 2020

BETA We have the Relationship Manager ready for an invite-only beta.

Just recently we released the Relationship Explorer and announced the upcoming Relationship Manager to fill the gaps for some highly requested features. Now we’re ready to bring it out in a closed beta. In the Manager you will always work in the context of one advertiser which will - amongst others - unlock the following features for you:

  • FEATURE Updating of fee model, commission model, commission rule and status of one or multiple relationships at a time

  • FEATURE Export of relationships

  • FEATURE Activities: Find out what changed, when it changed and who did the change on every relationship

July 29, 2020

IMPROVED Financial Documents - New Style now available

Your financial documents are now ready to be migrated to the new document style.

  • All monetary values are printed in the document currency. To compensate, the exchange rate applied is now printed in the detail section of the document

  • Formatting of money figures as well as date values in the local format of advertiser and partner

  • An improved position list with units and support for our new Transaction feature

  • Showing the credit consumption for prepaid advertiser by net and tax value of the credit

  • An improved second page with grouping for all figures by advertiser (for payouts) or partner (for invoices)

Next steps
We are planing to migrate any of your current templates to the new look and feel for you soon.
If you want to migrate now, please contact our support

July 28, 2020

IMPROVED Parameter Forwarding

You can simply forward any click parameters on redirects by providing parameter name with prefix fw_param_ (to add test_id=123 to the target URL just append &fw_param_test_id=229 to your tracking code).
However, this cannot work when the parameter to be forwarded is already configured on existing additional parameters. This is because parameter forwarding has a lower priority than additional parameters.
To provide full flexibility we have made a new forwarding prefix fw_param_hp_ available. Parameters with this prefix will get a higher priority than additional parameters. Read more …

July 24, 2020

IMPROVED Data Warehouse BETA

Ad impressions, clicks and untracked requests are already available for several weeks in the database that can be analysed with BigQuery. We have now developed a monitoring system that checks that this data is kept synchronized with other Ingenious databases.

July 24, 2020


IMPROVED Parameter forwarding

You can simply forward any click / ad impression parameters on redirects providing parameter name with prefix fw_param_ (to add test_id=123 to the target URL just append &fw_param_test_id=229 to your tracking code). However it could not work when the parameter to be forwarded were already configured on additional parameters, because parameter forwarding has a lower priority than additional parameters.
To provide a full flexibility we have made a new forwarding prefix fw_param_hp_ available. Parameters with this prefix will get a higher priority than additional parameters.

July 24, 2020

IMPROVED Recognition of content encoding

Better automatic recognition of server’s content encoding for Product Data Feed Downloader

FIXED Mapping of XML Feeds

In some rare circumstances the mapping of XML feeds was taking too long to proceed.

July 16, 2020

IMPROVED Custom Click Filters

Improved fraud detection on cookieless clicks using request meta data.

July 10, 2020


IMPROVED New Rights and Layout

Finer Access Rights for Newsletter: now it is possible to separately allow Users to see Newsletter history and to use Newsletter templates

Also we have optimised the layout of Newsletter Creation page.

July 02, 2020

Feature New status flow for financial documents

A new status flow for financial documents has been introduced. Documents for partner payouts and advertiser invoices are now covered by the following status flow DRAFT->PENDING->PAID

Feature Unrestricted time filter for financial documents

The default restriction for filtering of documents for the last 30 days as been changed to unrestricted. You will now see all documents in status draft and pending per default.

July 01, 2020

Feature CAD (conversion additional data)

Default output format changed to Json. Detailed informations like input parameters, basket and error description are now available. Read more …

Feature Preview mode for CAD Requests

Conversion and CAD requests can be manually called in preview mode to validate input parameters. Output Json object includes input parameters, processed values and error description. Read more ...

June 26, 2020

FIXED Partner export

For users with access to many partners the partner export didn't work properly, we fixed that for you. It should also be faster for all users.

July 26, 2020

IMPROVED Partner dashboard

On partner dashboard, we have added the latest payout amount which has been confirmed by the platform. This amount will be instructed to be paid out during the next days.


June 15, 2020

Feature Rebuilt “Relationships Manager” page

  • CHANGE We rebuild the “Manage Relationship” page from scratch and renamed it to Relationship Explorer.

  • FEATURE It’s fast. Operations that took minutes before (Sorry about that) now take seconds at most.

  • FEATURE Activities: Find out what changed, when it changed and who did the change on every relationship.

  • FEATURE It comes with new permissions to make it suitable for your use case and give the users of your platform fine-grained access to the parts they should be able to view and edit (reference Access news)

  • FEATURE By utilizing various filters, you can narrow down the result set of relationships and applications

  • FEATURE Accept relationship applications

  • FEATURE Update the fee model, commission model, commission rule and status of a relationship

June 4, 2020

FIXED Confirmation mail to admin not send when change email

FIXED Confirmation mail not send when prepayment invoice status changed to “paid”

June 4, 2020


FEATURE new permission for external reference number

Added new permission to control if the external reference number can be changed. This is crucial if you want to avoid that your users change IDs which are managed in an external system (CRM, Billing System, ...)

FEATURE permissions for visibility of financial documents

A few more rights to control the visibility of financial documents. You can determine whether a advertiser has access to unconfirmed or rejected documents.

June 3, 2020

Feature New Endpoint to create Invoices

The new endpoint allows to segment advertiser invoice creating by credit coverage, prep- and postpayment as well as external references.

Feature Minor improvements on Conversion Overview and Transactions

By usability improvements, the status is now displayed as icon as well as text.

This update is also containing some fixes and the Great Britisch Pound (GBP) for Transactions.

May 29, 2020

Feature Proxy Tracking for Advertisers

Proxy tracking is one of multiple methods to do first-party tracking with the Ingenious platform. It works without CNAMEs, which makes your tracking-setup even more robust. Read more …

Feature Implemented redirecting on Ad Impressions with multiple tracking domains

Our Traffic Redirection Policies didn’t allow redirects on ad impressions and clicks when tracking is called not from the registered tracking domain, which can be only one. Now it is possible on ad impressions for under “Allowed domains for ad impressions” whitelisted domains.

Feature Added enhanced information Untracked Requests in BigQuery

Tracking requests which could not be successfully processed (untracked) will become available via BigQuery soon. From now on additional information including error messages and missing advertiser/network ids are provided.

May 29, 2020


Feature Enhanced search in Manage Advertisers

Now the search includes external reference numbers, VAT-ID, and company name

May 26, 2020

Feature Server-Side Webhooks

Streamlined the interaction with filters in the server side logs page. Read more … 

May 25, 2020

Fixed Data Warehouse BETA

A problem with higher latency for the synchronization of AdImpressions and Clicks from Kafka to BigQuery had been resolved.

May 06, 2020

Feature Creatives

Creatives is out! It will become the replacement for the admedia system. It can be run and used side by side with the old system for the time being.

The new extensions are live and allow you to do the following:

  • FEATURE You can now upload your images directly to our platform and use them in image creatives.

  • FEATURE ​Creatives explorer to manage your creatives over all your advertiser at once.

  • FEATURE ​Creatives manager to create and edit all your creatives and creative sets in the context of one advertiser.

  •  Read more …

April 20, 2020

Feature Server-Side Webhooks

We have decided to wipe some dust of Server-Side Webhooks (previously known as Third-Party-Tracking). We are tackling some more or less known bugs and limitations as well as extending functionality and usability. Read more …

April 14, 2020

Feature Extensions for cookieless tracking with Click IDs

Ingenious Technologies offers cookieless and cross-device tracking solutions including click ID tracking and server-to-server event transmission for several years already. Based on the rising demand for cookieless tracking solutions, we comprehensively extended our click ID tracking. Read more ...

March 26, 2020

Feature Transactions (beta)

If you have partners which you give individual bonuses, kickbacks, or any other business-specific money transfer, our new module will allow you to cover these transactions using the same Ingenious billing system you are used to.

Have a look to our documentation to
read more about the new features.

March 9, 2020

Feature Advertiser Overview: improved usability

This release focused on the usability of the Advertiser Overview. We streamlined the design of the filters and the design of the table that displays your advertisers. Also, the release contained a workflow improvement: the overview will remember your filtered result set. If you apply filters and go into the settings of an Advertiser, you can go back to the Advertiser Overview with the use of your browser back button or the UI back button and then continue to work with the filtered result set.

March 3, 2020

Feature Partner Groups

Partner Groups are the new way to organize your Partners. Partner Groups provide a flexible, dynamic way to organize your Partners in groups.

You define a set of rules to group your Partners in order to later be able to address them using a name you provide.

Feature Ad space list in Ad media management replaced by Partner Groups

Gone are the times were you had to manage visibility of Ad media kits with individual lists of Ad spaces. Let’s be honest. It was a pain. Now you can organize your Partners in groups and then assign these groups to several Ad media kits. Modifying the visibility of multiple Ad media kits is now as easy as editing the single Partner Group that is assigned to them.

February 14, 2020

Feature Fixed: Some users where missing rights in certain areas

Before this release the system decided that some users had too many rights. Its reaction however was quite extreme as the system then decided to strip these users of all their rights. We convinced the system to stop this behaviour and even gave those users all their rights back.

February 13, 2020

The secure transmission of data over the network is an important concern, especially when it comes to tracking data. We have recently switched all tracking links in your platform to HTTPS per default. Read more ...

When creating HTML Ad media, the platform allows converting links in your custom HTML into tracking links. Previously, the platform falsely identified some elements of your HTML as links. This is fixed now. Read more ...

February 5, 2020

Feature Partner payouts with detailed preview

Have a look into your partner payout preview by downloading all collected commission figures.

Feature Commission rules with high clock rate

We have increased the speed of our commission rules and provide a detailed result file with affected partnerships.

Feature Time is running for your open Conversions

Conversions tell you when they will change to confirmed automatically.

Feature Advanced filtering in Conversion overview

Supported by our new Conversion overview list, we have added a new filter for the tracking parameter “customer new”.

January 29, 2020

From February 4th 2020 on, Google Chrome will handle SameSite Cookies different than before. This means that only cookies that fulfil certain requirements can be used for tracking.

Within the last few weeks we performed multiple incremental updates to our tracking technology related to the new requirements. Our tracking dynamically adjusts cookie settings depending on the user’s browser and the setup of the Advertiser. Read more ...



December 5, 2019

Feature Conversion Overview, Speed-Up and improved Look & Feel

Our overview for conversions has been improved and runs much faster

Feature Fee

Figures for your platform fee are now shown. Always next to the commission, we have added this important value to our platform.

October 29, 2019

Feature Creating Payouts

Preview is now containing also the complete company name

Feature Creating Invoices

Similar to the our Payout preview, we have introduced the company name of the advertiser

September 18, 2019

Feature Conversion Renaming

Transactions are now called Conversions. This will help us for our new upcoming features in 2020.

September 13, 2019

Feature Advertiser billing data

We have added the SEPA-Mandate to our Billing data section for Advertiser

September 9, 2019

Feature Creating Invoices: New Look & Feel

New Look & Feel for our “Creating Invoice” section. The complete section is now following the same way like already introduced for “Creating Payouts”

Feature Creating Refunds: Some new fields

Our new section for “Creating Refunds” has been extended by some fields which will make the process more transparency.

August 8, 2019

Feature Commission Rules

A history for all jobs is shown and is providing more transparency about job results.

Feature Creating Payout

You can now create Partner Payouts by using invoices which has been paid before.

Feature Conversion History

The history of an conversion is now containing also the paid event of an advertiser invoice.

July 8, 2019

Feature Creating Payouts

We have added some improvements in the partner payout function like a totals and support for partner in different status.

July 2, 2019

Feature Creating Payouts: Redesign

A complete redesign of our partner payout feature. A clean filter panel, graphical overview as well as improvements in showing preview results.

June 28, 2019

Feature Refund: A new type of document

In order to complete our billing system, we are now providing a complete new type of document. Refunds make it possible to pay money back to the advertiser, running in pre-payment mode.

June 20, 2019

Feature Creating manual Conversions: New Look & Feel

Have a look to our new page for “Creating manual Conversions”.
A new structuring makes it easier to add single manual Conversions.

June 12, 2019

Feature Multi touch attribution: New exports

This release is adding some new functionalities related to our solution for “Multi touch attribution”.

Feature Payouts: New fields in preview

We are now displaying the current and remaining credit on partner payout preview lists. Quit helpful for partial payouts with credit that will remaining for the next payout.

June 6, 2019

Feature Introducing Refunds

We are preparing our platform for a new document type. Have a look to new fields which will be introduced.

May 28, 2019

Feature Key Accounts: Basic configuration

You can now add personal contact data to your profile. And you can now assign specific platform user as key account to partner.

Feature Key Accounts: Partner dashboard

You can enable and show your key account contact data to partner dashboards.

May 6, 2019

Feature Multi touch attribution: Touchpoint-Export

The touchpoint export is now available and contains any winning touchpoint of a Conversion.

Feature Reporting: Speed-up

We have increased the speed of any reports and exports.

April 4, 2019

Feature Multi touch attribution: Conversion overview

A new panel with all winning Touchpoints of a Conversion is now available. Have al look and see who is participating and which commission model is applied.

Feature 3rd party tracking: Redirects for rejections

A Conversion with an active redirect configuration will now communicated to the partner by rejecting.

March 25, 2019

Feature Multi touch attribution: Edit Conversions

If you are running multi touch attribution, we need to speak. Have a look what will be changed by that feature

February 1, 2019

Feature Defaults for Commission and Fee

We have added a default function for Commission- and Fee-Models.

Feature API for Commission and Fee

Now you configure any commission and fee model by a set of new API-Endpoint.

January 5, 2019

Feature PDF-Reprint

We can now enabled you for PDF-reprinting. A feature, needs to be requested and that allows you to change the address data of an already confirmed PDF.

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