Apply to an advertiser

Before you start

The following paragraph is only relevant when you use the platform as a partner to apply for advertisers.

Getting started

  • Make sure you are logged in to the UI

  • Click on Partnerships in the main navigation menu, and proceed to click on Advertiser Explorer

  • Now you see the Advertiser Explorer page

  • You can also apply to the advertiser when you’re in the profile tab of the Advertiser Dashboard: you can enter it via the Advertiser Explorer

  • Check that your context in the top right part is set to the correct adspace you want to apply with

Apply to an Advertiser

  • Click the “apply”-button, an dialog will open

  • If the advertiser has terms and conditions, review them

  • Confirm your application

Your application will now be assessed and you can see its status in the Advertiser Explorer list, the advertisers profile tab in the Advertiser Dashboard or in the Relationship Explorer.